Help needed quickly please!

> audrialyn30 Wrote:
> --------------------------------------------------
> -----
> > What does being white have to with anything?
> You
> > could have omited that detail.
> Because when you are deep in the hood its kind of
> hard to blend in and not stick out when you are
> the only white person in sight. You become a
> target its as simple as that.

Many, MANY years ago I visited my brother's (then) girlfriend working at a clinic in Watts. She gave me directions, then spread the word that if anyone saw a white girl wandering Watts to steer her to the clinic. True story. Sometimes it IS that blatant.

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In this shop, I would give them a quick call to see if they could come outside to meet you.
It should be pointed out that the OP edited their post to remove the "white" reference that was made that ~ inadvertently ~ stirred up the argument that ensued.

So if a reader comes along, who hasn't been reading/following this thread from the very beginning; and that reader goes back to read the OP to see what triggered the subsequent remarks, they'll be left wondering, "WTH?"

It was the simple addition of the descriptor 'white' to the following sentence... "Yes, I'm a (white) female by myself." That fact wasn't expounded on in the slightest, it was just stated just like that.

Myself, I can see some of the points being made on each side. But, one has to consider intent. I really don't think the OP's intent was racist in the slightest. Just as she has explained. Editing her original post shows that she's sensitive to the fact that some feathers were ruffled, no matter that she had no intent to do so (IMO). And as someone up above pointed out, sometimes race is that blatant ~ in all directions.

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