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Today I was trying to get a copy of my credit report and I was thinking about it and I realized that my social security number is plastered at 40 different mystery shopping company websites. I am thinking of bailing on mystery shopping because of various reasons. (Mainly b/c I waste a lot of time doing it instead of looking for a higher paying/ less stress job (such as lion taming or air traffic control.) Is there a way I can get my social security number removed from all the different websites? Has anyone had any fraud issues? Needless to say, I am only registered with legit companies b/c I read the forum.

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I do like the idea of a job with less stress. After some of the people I've dealt with in this business, sticking my head in a lion's mouth certainly seems safer and more cost effective.

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Unfortunately, when you consider the cost of gas, most shops give you a net pay of about $3.00 per hour.
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