grocery store nonsense

So someone does the special request(those who know will understand) and the cashier does not ring the item up.
Shopper states special request was fulfilled but is not paid as special request does not show on receipt. Shopper could have lied and said the special request was refused but shopper told truth. Funny there is no question relating to if the cashier rung up all items taken. Guess as long as the cashier smiles, extends a parting remark and the shopper lies if necessary everyone is happy.

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Sorry this happened to you, cconway.

There's not a lot of recourse here. Perhaps you could email the scheduler explaining that the cashier didn't ring it up and you felt you couldn't ask her to correct the receipt? (If you haven't already done so.)

If this doesn't work, then it's time to accept it as a business loss. They do happen sometimes.

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Trying to think of what happened here. If special request was anywhere except the customer service scenario then it would just a grocery item and would be rung up along with your other items. What happened?
cconaway, was there backlash from the MSC regarding your report? Or, are you just sharing your observations with us?
You need to be more specific. You don't need to mention either the name of the MSC or the grocery store, but I (and I'm assuming others) have no idea what happened based on your post.

I thought it was just me.

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happened to someone close to me that just started shopping. I use to shop this client and 1 time my deli item was not rung. The company understood as there was a trust level established. You have to really watch your receipt. Clearance items sometimes ring at regular price. Anyhow the guidelines clearly stated it was a required purchase. Just we did not ever think about having to make sure all our items are scanned.
OK, now I understand (I think) what you're saying, but I didn't understand the first post at all. It appears a shop was done, the receipt did not cover a required item, and the shop was rejected. I'm sorry your friend lost the shop but this is part of the learning process. Stay on top of checking your receipt when you get it and be sure it is correct before you leave the counter or drive thru. Don't move away from the cash counter or pull your car from the window until you get the receipt you need. If you hold your ground and hold up the line, you'll get your receipt.

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This is why I will not do a certain grocery store shop. I had a case of water on the bottom of my cart required for the bottom of the cart evaluation. When the cashier gave me my total, I asked him if he had rung up the case of water. He replied that he had. I had 30 items on my receipt and could not read the receipt well enough to see if it was on the receipt or not. When I got home in better lighting I noticed it was not on the receipt. I put this in my report and my report was rejected.

I do not have time to do a grocery store shop with too many interactions/ observations in the first place for little pay, then get rejected. This is not the shop for me.
I did the water shops..How about when the receipt says a time that is wrong and the report gets questioned.
galct Wrote:
> I put this in my report and my
> report was rejected.

What a dumb-ass reason to reject a shop. As if that is *your* error in any way, shape, or form.

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