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Has anyone done a phone mortgage shop for Informa? After reading the guidelines, it appears I have to print out a 31 page questionnaire, fill it out along with the online questionnaire, then FedEx everything back to Informa. I don't mind filling out a questionnaire, but 31 pages? That's a ridiculous amount of paperwork to print out.

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The phone shops I've done for them lately do not require forms to be mailed in and I have not printed the questionnaire.
Some of their shops do actually require this. You have to send in your written notes along with submitting it online. Perhaps they use it to make sure editors are not changing things. Not all of the shops require it, but if it is mentioned, then it is likely required.
Actually, you can use the hard copy survey to check off the T/F and multiple choice questions, fill in dates etc. THEN, you can append a Word document with all of the narrative answers that you have entered into the online version. Just be sure that you write into the first page of the hard copy a request that they "See attachment for all narrative answers."

They have some clients that still require a hard copy of the survey.

Be sure to sign the hard copy if the instructions state that you must.

The Informa folks are really great to work with, IMHO.

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I enjoy Informa very much, and always do the handwritten first, then the online off of the handwritten work.
I like those Informa shops. I generally write broken sentences on the form I send in...breaking everything into key words, then I use that to fill out the online form. So far I've had no problems with them.

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