Shout Out to Joni from Summit Scheduling

I was supposed to do an oil change shop today and due to rainy weather, bad traffic and early closing hours on a Sunday, I was not going to make it in time to meet the "arrive an hour before closing" requirement. I performed other shops instead, drove home and e-mailed Joni, my scheduler right away. Within minutes, she responded and changed the shop date for me.

I just wanted to post a positive message about a scheduler since they seem to get bashed a lot. And it is great being able to reach someone on a weekend. :-)

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I like Joni too. Been doing some grocery shops for her in IL and she's been really great to work with.

I've never worked for Summit before but I've found a vast majority of schedulers are easy to work with. The few that don't reply to emails are the only ones I've been.....unimpressed with.

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Joni was very good to me this last week. I got sick and had to reschedule one shop multiple times and outright cancel another. She didn't make me feel bad and even wished me a speedy recovery. Soon as back to 100% I"ll send her a thank you ecard and offer to do a shop she needs without nagging over the bonus.

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I asked her the other day about needing a bonus for a few shops and she did give it to me and gave me lots of time to do them. If she's reading this, she might figure out who I am! winking smiley

She should get a raise I think. She's good, real good and makes us want to help her out as much as we are able to.

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I cannot get into the network to request the auto dealer jobs. No matter what I do, I still cannot get in. I follow all the directions and I still do not get to the jobs. I'm losing work. Give me a phone number to enroll, please. Thanks
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