I can't believe I had to cancel!

Wow, my name is now mud! I had three shops for Saturday that had to be done, and, one was during a certain time frame. But, I woke up yesterday morning so very ill it wasn't funny. I was so bad I was ready for the ER! I knew I had a combo flu/breathing issues/stomach issues/temperature and the weather was not good outside. On top of that the N1H1 flu is so rampant here the Drs. say to stay out of places with crowds. Anyway, it was all I could do to get on my laptop and contact the schedulers/MSC and tell them I must cancel for yesterday. I knew today would be bad and then colder weather coming in. However, I didn't know that included a blizzard warning. But, I feel so bad. I am not one to flake. I am still not 100% by any means. All I have done is sleep, sleep and more sleep. I know the schedulers have to get their shops done and I feel so bad about it. I have no clue what else I could have done. I just feel so bad to not follow through on my commitment to do what I say I will do.


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I wouldn't worry. The same thing happened to me around this time last year. At first I re-scheduled my shops for the end of the week figuring I would be better by then. When that time came I still felt so bad that I couldn't complete the shops and asked the scheduler to cancel them so that I wouldn't hold them up and they can find another shopper. I have never seen any repercussions because of this. IMO if you are honest with the schedulers and do not have a history of flaking they will understand.
If you have a good relationship with your scheduler, he/she will work with you to either reschedule or cancel so another shopper can get the job donesmiling smiley

Just worry about getting better!
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