Got caught w/Insula shops

Ok so I just did a fast food audit with Insula. I ordered my required purchase and began taking the pictures.

The cashier said, "oh you want to take my picture?" through the speaker...

I didn't know they could see me. How embarrassing...

Has anyone else had this experience?

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I've had managers come outside and ask me what I was doing. I told them my grandfather wanted to know what was on the menu and how much things cost so I was going to bring photos to him in the nursing home.

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The Mickeys (not this shop and not a price shop) videos the drive thru lane so they know whose food is whose when there is a double drive lane. Which also means (again NOT this shop) but that they can keep the video for future reference on shops that flunk, they have your picture loud and clear.
My usual answer is that I'm just checking in on Foursquare or Facebook... Stops any further question.


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I did over 30 of these. Only once did a cashier laugh when I pulled up to the window. At one location they comped my food for whatever reason...

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I've had it happen once out of the hundreds of these I've done. The menu board at this one location is set up so that the cashier can see the driver. I thought I was being discreet by hiding the camera, but she saw me.

When I reached the window, she questioned, "What you taking pictures for?!"

I made up a quick story, "Oh, I just like to post on Twitter where I'm eating at."

She started laughing at me. I'm pretty sure she actually bought it.
Years ago I was doing a McD's. Unfortunately it was on deadline and there was a car show going on in the lot. I took my photos standing by the board, because the angle was awkward, from the car. As I hopped back into my car, the manager came running out shouting that I couldn't take photos. I waved and smiled as I drove by him.
i always say that my boss wants pictures of the prices because we send one employee for the whole office's order, and they never give an itemized receipt, so there is conflict about who owes what for the food and he's tired of it.
Too much explanation. That's a sign of a shopper. The employee might not say anything but over explanation is a dead giveaway.
Last time I just said, were having a huge meeting at our office and this way they can see what they're ordering. She didn't give me a second glance.

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jackaroe Wrote:
> Easiest answer....
> I am standing on public property and its none of
> your business.

Since when have fast food, drive thru's become "public property" ? smiling smiley

"Public property" is property owned by a local/state or federal government is it not?
I got caught once. The manager came out and asked what I was doing. I said my friend is a ditz and can never remember what's on the menu, so I was texting her pics. One of the photos I submitted for my shop has the manager yelling at me in the corner. lol
spartygirl121 Wrote:
> One of the photos I submitted for my shop has the
> manager yelling at me in the corner. lol

That's better then the pizza photos with a doggie nose sniffing in the corner. smiling smiley

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