Cash Advance Shops

I had a debit card withdraw at a cash advance store, the transaction went easy. All I had to do was take money out of my account with my debit card.

I didn't realize that the receipt would print up the balance that was in my account. This is private and confidential. I am pretty upset right now as now the cashier has all of my information and how much is in my balance.

Needless to say, a couple of months down the road, I will be contacting corporate and ask .....WHY?

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I've never done one of those -- how much information (and why in the world would they need it?) do they ask for just to act like an ATM for you? The PIN number should be the only identification they should need. Maybe a glance at a driver's license to be sure it was your card.

What did they ask you to provide? That just seems bizarre.

I'll be sure to move most of my money to the savings account first before I try one of these shops. I do a lot of shops at those places but haven't done a debit withdrawal. Of course, I have to wonder why anyone in real life would have to withdraw money from one of these places instead of just going to a bank ATM.

I wouldn't worry too much about them knowing your balance. They have no reason to care about it. For all they know, most of it went out the next day to pay your property taxes or mortgage or your kid's college tuition bill.

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I gave him the scenario that since so many major stores got hit by the hacker's that I wasn't taking a chance on using my card at them.

I slid it into the machine and provided my pin number, I was not asked for any identification. All in all, it should not have printed my balance. I've withdrawn from atm's which were not associated with my bank and never did the computer provide my balance.

Next time, I'll use another banks card which has a piddly balance.
When you say you provided your PIN number, does that mean you entered it on the keypad or gave it to the representative?

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I wouldn't worry about the balance they saw. They have no reason to care about it and they'll never see you and your debit card again anyway.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
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