Regal vs Coyle Hotel Shops

After reading another post, I have a question. Are the Regal hotel shops comparable to the Coyle ones in terms of reports, editing, and the MSC expectations?


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Coyle hotel shops are much more work!

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The Coyle hotel shops that I've done require way more observations and interactions than Regal's hotel shops.
I have not done Regal, but did the Coyle hotel shops. Those require a lot of work, pictures, scenarios and a pain in the neck from A to Z.
Coyle is very intensive, but I always feel proud when they accept the report and I get paid. lol
Have yet to do a Coyle hotel shop yet as I am very new to Coyle. I was lucky enough to have the pleasure of a free night at a hotel in order to perform two restaurant/bar shops at a remote hotel. Looking at it that way, my "hotel shop" was much easier than a Regal assignment. Would like to do one of their hotel shops in the near future though if things work out.
My one Regal hotel required no pictures but a moderate amount of narrative. I'd say for a hotel shop with dining that was valued at $175 it was about right.

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Now that I have a few of Regal's hotel shops under my belt, I find them to be fairly easy. However, the last one required several interactions (9 or 10) . I was hoppin' from the moment I arrived until I left the next morning. The reports are not too bad. Regal provided great example narratives for each interaction, which helped me understand what they are looking for in their reports. Although I have done one fine dining shop for Coyle, I have yet to do a hotel shop for them.

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Regal hotel shops I find I can get most if not all the shop done by the time I check out, while Coyle shops take me at least 1 day after check out. Many regal shops have multiple bar interactions with the same narrative that is easy to copy.
Coyle is the elite mystery shopping company for high end hotels - deleted etc...the reports are very extensive, because the client requires them to be. Payment for the evaluations are generally higher than other companies, and the hotel charges are reversed upon report acceptance. The easiest way to complete the report is to enter the info as you go along rather than waiting until the last minute and spending 5-6 hours. Good hotel evaluators are the top dog.

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I have to point out that last year, some shoppers (including myself) complained of arbitrary and unexplained reductions in pay for Regal shops. My shop fee was halved for supposedly uploading a receipt with the wrong times. Despite my multiple calls to their office and speaking with someone there, I was never allowed to speak with anyone who would actually address the situation.
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