Hilton Hotel restaurant COOPERS

I used to shop the one near me, but I have lost their email.
Thanks, if you have it, I sure would appreciate a share.

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Someone *might*, but if they do they'd be violating the ICA (Independent Contractor Agreement) they accepted when the contracted to do work for the MSC. I imagine there are some here who don't care, but it seems that a lot do. winking smiley

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I cannot believe how many threads I've seen that expose the name of the Client! YOU ARE NEVER SUPPOSED TO REVEAL THE NAME OF THE ACTUAL BUSINESS THAT USES MYSTERY SHOPPERS!! That is in violation of the Shopper agreement you signed. You can mention the name of a mystery shopping company. That is fine. But NEVER MENTION THE CLIENT!

Mod note: Hey Vibrantchic, there is absolutely nothing wrong with talking about a specific client by name. The only problem comes if you name the MSC who handles that client. That is what is prohibited by Independent Contractor Agreements (ICAs) and the forum rule. Discussing a client by name is no different than discussing an MSC by name. The only thing prohibited is directly connecting the two. No need to get so excited. And welcome to the forum! smiling smiley
This whole thread has me SMH.

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LJ, not worth the effort, trust me.


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