EIN vs SSN and Tax Returns

Hi All -

I have one MSC that I regularly shop for. They are one of my favorites. But they will not accept an EIN.

I have recently done my first shop for TS. Although their sign up procedure says you just don't get to self-assign without an EIN, their inital quiz has a question that suggests that you won't get paid without an EIN. Nice of them not to disclose any of this up front - NOT!

I can probably do a lot of business with TS as they seem to have a lot of projects that come up in my area - like 15 shops less than a mile away in the past week. So it is worth considering getting the EIN.

BUT - what happens at tax time if you have income under both the EIN and your SSN? Do you have to file two separate returns?


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You do not have to file 2 seperate returns.

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You file a schedule C and use the EIN on the form. You put down all your IC income, does not matter if your 1099s come with EIN or SSN.

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EIN is five minutes to get. And you file it on your regular return under a schedule C. With the fact that companies get breached in the data department it is one more level of safety for you.
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