I was notified by my daughter who just received an attempted SCAM from the IRS. Our CPA notified all of his customers to warn all of us about this. She reported it to the police. Our CPA told us that he received several calls from his customers last week.

The SCAM is as follows:

You would receive a call stating that you owe the IRS anywhere from $3000 to $10,000. They did have information about approximately how much she had owed. The had her name and phone number. She did not give them any information. They demanded that she give them information or if she didn't they would send an IRS agent to her house within 2 hours and have her arrested. This did scare her because she lost her husband a few years ago and is alone with two young boys. She left the house, dropped of her boys with a friend and went to the bank to see if her check for the IRS cleared, which it did. She called her CPA and went to the police department.

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I was going to ask, "How low can you go?", but, I guess, I now know the answer. (shiver) So disgusting.


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
I received a voicemail from a man with an Indian accent who left a message that I would be arrested if I didn't pay what I owed. I know I don't owe them anything since I have always filed my taxes on time and paid if I owed anything. I returned the call, and asked the guy who answered when he was going to come to my house and arrest me. He hung up on me immediately!

The call was from a Washington DC area code. I have called the IRS numerous times over the years, and never have I talked to someone with an Indian accent. Also when this guy answered the phone, he didn't say his name or give his IRS ID number which they always give out.

It is so sad that people would get scammed in this way. So many people are afraid of the IRS. But they are not going to come and arrest you. "All" they can do is put liens on your property, take all your money out of your bank account, garnish your wages or file a criminal case against you.
I've received three calls in the last month from three different men with really thick accents. Similar message to the one above - there's a discrepancy in my taxes and I need to call them before they take legal action.

If you get a call about this, you need to report it to the IRS and the FTC. I did for all three calls I received. These people are impersonating the IRS, which is illegal. []

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My cousin (whose tax returns I have done for several years) called me last week. A message from "the IRS" had been left on their voicemail demanding she call them right away. The message was directed to her name personally. I was pretty sure it was a scam because the IRS does not call taxpayers out of the blue. They send letters first, and then registered letters.

But the kicker was that my cousin is a caregiver for a paraplegic. She lives in his house. The phone is his phone. He does not file tax returns. And I do not put taxpayer phone numbers on their tax returns. So how would the IRS know to call HIS number to reach HER?

I googled the number they used and sure enough, it came up that it was a scam.

She had called it back but hung up when a recording asked her to enter her SSN.

I was very proud of them for checking with me first before answering any questions.

Her call came from an 877 number.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
I have received calls from The Health Department, IRS and others, always a male with an Indian accent. What I do now, if the kids are not it the house, is scream as loud as I can! At least, I will give them a headache...

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The IRS does not call you. They send you a letter with their LOGO on it. You are to contact THEM. They don't call you out of the blue. The IRS does not come over to your house to arrest you. If you ignore the REAL IRS, they eventually could attach your wages or seize property. Scammers always having their hands in the cookie jar trying to find new ways of stealing your money...

TULSA, Oklahoma -

Tulsans are a target of IRS phone scams so convincing that one woman almost paid out $6,000 to scammers. The calls even come from a Washington D.C. area code.

People who have received the IRS calls say they're sophisticated, even name-dropping chief investigation officers working the case.

"He knew my full name, my address. He knew more personal information about me than I wouldn't think any other people would know," said Glenpool resident Machele Wright.

Wright said the IRS impostors on the other end of the call almost conned her out of six grand.

"If I would've had that much money on hand, I would have given them that money because it was just so convincing," Wright said.

She said the scammers told her she filed her taxes incorrectly from 2010 to 2012 and said they already tried to serve her papers in March. Then came the threats if she didn't pay.

"Suspend my driver's license, cease my bank accounts, come take my home. I would go to federal prison is what he said," Wright said.

She said they demanded she send $6,000 to a pin number within 45 minutes or she'd be arrested.

"I said, 'I have to go to the bank. There's no way I can get a loan in 45 minutes from the bank.' And he said I have no options," Wright recalled.

She isn't the only Oklahoman getting the calls.

One message, difficult to understand, was left on a Tahlequah answering machine. It asks for a social security number.
"This is Officer Roy Morgan calling from criminal investigation department of IRS," the message says. "But before we take any kind of legal charges against you I need you to contact our chief investigation officer."
The Tulsa Better Business Bureau released a warning Tuesday, stating the IRS always starts contact through the mail, and won't ask for credit card or PIN numbers over the phone.

Wright said she never thought she'd fall for a scam, but these are skilled con artists.

"I'm still a little nervous about it, you know," she said.

The U.S. Treasury has a form you can fill out online if you believe you're a victim of an IRS scam.
People do not realize the reality that the IRS operates a system sanctioned by the government that scares the heck out of people that is why they are easily scammed.

The system has over 10,000 amendments. It is called the tax code. The wealthy lobbies the law makers to grant legal exceptions the "Joe Lunch Buckets" can not take advantage of.

Did you know the criminals are exempt from reporting their income from criminal activity? The 5th amendment protects them from self incrimination. Ilegal aliens are not asked to pay taxes on their income as the government does not print forms for that purpose. There are many people who just do not report all their income as they are in cash businesses and often under report the income.

We the people must pay extra because the people who make laws at the federal level ignore the fact that in many states criminals and illegal aliens and tourists that used government services all pay taxes when they buy things. The merchant NEVER asks them how they earned the money when they collect the tax that goes to the state.

WE THE PEOPLE will not have scams pulled on us as the merchant is limited to recovering an easy calculated amount without filling out any forms. If we dishonest we would not self incriminating our selves if we sold dope or robbed banks or did other illegal things to make the money the merchant does not ask you personal questions. If you are in the Wealthy class you can feel better about yourself knowing you contributed your fair share to maintain the government in the fine style the law makers are accustom to without resorting to exemptions the working poor is not eligible for. It would be like saying, "Thank you peasants for supporting my money making machine".

The rich get richer and the poor get poorer but if the poor has more money to spend because the wealthy is contributing when they spend their money the rich will have to hire more people to produce the merchandise the poor will buy. They will hire people to distribute the merchandise. Those people will have money and pay taxes requiring more people to be hired. Some of the poor people may even attempt to get enough courage to work for themselves.

The state tax is "pay as you go" the federal tax can work the same way. You can not find yourself at the end of the year owing a huge amount of money like when you or your accountant figures out your obligation to the federal government when you pay the state tax. You do not have to make deals and pay interest to pay your sales tax because you spent the money during the year without a thought to how you will pay the government if you owe money. You do not have to fear audits that will cost you time and money even if you prove to the government that you did not cheat them.

No one is ever audited or bullied by the state government as there are no forms to fill out. Anyone can pay taxes without consulting a "tax specialist" that took a few hour course and now professes to know the over 10,000 amendments to the tax code.

When a criminal or the wealthy buy things the merchant sends the sales tax to the state. Because the wealthy has more money and can buy a $100000 vehicle and Joe Lunch Bucket can only afford a $12,000 econo mobile the tax rate being the same the wealthy will pay more because they buy more expensive vehicles and toys for the rich, jewelery and stuff. The wealthy dine in restaurants that Joe Lunch Bucket can not afford toast and coffee in.

We should be writing our federal law makers to give "WE THE PEOPLE" a break and allow the Criminals and Wealthy and illegal aliens and those who work in cash businesses and under report their income to pay at the same rate we do when they buy things. With all that extra money coming in WE THE PEOPLE will pay less taxes. WE will not have to pay a "tax expert" good money to fill out forms we are too intimidated to tackle ourselves for fear of going to jail or getting audited.

Let me get off my soap box before I fall off.

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Davetheshopper Wrote:

> Did you know the criminals are exempt from
> reporting their income from criminal activity?

First off, I consider the above to be a political post that is pretty far off-topic. The thread is about people PRETENDING to represent the IRS.

Second, I think Dave is seriously confused about the difference between state tax and sales tax, and most of the above is simply not true. Taken from the IRS 1040 instructions: "Income from illegal activities, such as money from dealing illegal drugs, must be included in your income on Form 1040, line 21, or on Schedule C or Schedule C-EZ (Form 1040) if from your self-employment activity"

Criminals going to jail for tax evasion is pretty common. Remember Al Capone?
Furthermore I don't think Dave realizes that rich people spend a much lower percentage of their income than poor people. Rich people WISH there was a national sales tax instead of an income tax. It would help them and hurt the rest of us.

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And what state is he talking about? A portion of my sales tax goes to my state, my county and my municipality. In addition, I pay property taxes to my county and file state income tax. Only about seven out of 50 states don't have income tax.

Equal rights for others does not mean fewer rights for you. It's not pie.
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Not to take this too far off track but: <DaveTheShopper>>"Did you know the criminals are exempt from reporting their income from criminal activity? The 5th amendment protects them from self incrimination. "

Seemingly proving the adage that crime pays, even behind bars, prisoners in the three states received nearly $19 million in IRS refunds during 2009 after filing false or fraudulent tax returns, according to an IRS report to Congress that was included in a federal audit released in January.

So, Dave you are saying these criminals, who were Prisoners at the time, who took the $19 Million, will never have to report it, answer to it or pay it back?

Just curious...smiling smiley
DavetheShopper hasn't got a clue what he's talking about. His first "sentence" isn't even a cohesive sentence.

It's not true that criminals don't have to report their ill-gotten gains. It is also not true that illegals can't file a tax return; they can. I have prepared tax returns for illegal immigrants. The problem is that they don't end up paying taxes; they end up getting refunds due to the child tax credit -- $1000 per kid and I think they only have to report something like $3000 in earnings to qualify for that.

So his opening salvo is nonsense, and I didn't bother reading most of the rest of it.

It is true that people are easily scammed because they are afraid of the IRS. Nobody who files a lawful, accurate tax return and keeps the receipts and other documentation to support it needs to be afraid of the IRS.

Time to build a bigger bridge.
Dave the shopper is too long winded for me to read his post, so I agree with the other conscious mind sensible people replying to is post. "D-the-S" is one of those people who quiets the minds of semi-jumbledsmiling smiley

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I agree that the above political post is inappropriate and I agree that the poster is confused. The ideas Dave is presenting don't mesh well with the topic being discussed.

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