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Is this a legitimate company? They want you to pay to shop so it sounds like a scam. Also, if you unsubscribe (at least 10 times) they never delete you.

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It's a legitimate company but it's not an MSC. It's an umbrella company. And it's shady.

Basically, you pay to become a member. You register with them and that registration is valid at every legitimate mystery shopping company they're affiliated with. They receive all of the emails with jobs available and filter them for shops in the areas you're willing to shop. These emails are usually retreaded and forwarded to you at your computer or cell phone.

You also get paid a commission if you recommend another shopper and they sign up with Shadow Shopper. Whether you choose to go that route or to sign up with MSC's on your own depends on how lazy or how much free time you have. I don't have a list of the companies that Shadow Shopper is affiliated with. Perhaps someone else on the forum does.

One buzzard to another while circling high overhead (paraphrased), "Patience hell! I want to shop somewhere."
Shadow Shopper is a 3rd party job board, that isn't directly affiliated with any MSCs. Schedulers from an MSC can use Shadow Shopper as an additional place to post jobs besides the MSC's own job board, in order to reach shoppers outside of the MSC's own database.

I personally use Shadow Shopper for shops that are tough to schedule.

It is "free" but the business model requires someone on either the shopper's end or the scheduler's end to pay to get the full shop details: Either the shopper can pay to become a "Gold" member, and they get access to all postings, or a scheduler can pay to contact the free "Bronze" members.

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Golder rule of MS: Never pay to get a shop.

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Is there anyone signed up in the Gold program and if so, does
It Work?. If I can get shops that are paying $100-$300 a few times a month, I'll dish $29.00 out a month for them to send my way, but I'm not interested in no results! Thanks
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