Quirks, Wish lists to fix Prophet, SASSIE, ShopMetrics Report Systems

Quirks, Wish lists to fix Prophet, SASSIE, ShopMetrics Report Systems - Pet Peeves

I do not get why some MSCs who use Prophet4 report system can't seem to remember what cities I have selected time and again to be part of my territory. Other companies it works fine...but there are a couple that I have to constantly input my data over and over again in the search boxes, then some of the cities are gone.

I have checked my profile, update it over and over, yet it still does not keep it check marked! I always have to search outside my area (yet my area does not show up). Does anyone else know a fix, my Schedulers are at a loss as to how it works.

Another pet peeve is the new map interface, some companies cannot seem to remember that I want my default set at 90 mile radius and not 10 miles out! I do like the map interface for the most part, but it just doesn't seem to work right on most MSC sites. Please, please still let us keep the Classic Job Board, too.

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I don't seem to have problems with SASSIE or Prophet platforms. Shopmetrics OTOH is sadly a POS.

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Sassie - let me see a combo state view/map. Many times I will be travelling through a state and not know the names of towns I'll be passing. I don't wanna have to go look up 84763 zip codes.

Prophet - Please get rid of that crappy ass time/date format. Nobody instinctively puts a 0 before 8:00 and nobody instinctively puts a space between the time and AM or PM.

All of them. Please don't give me BS when I'm writing a comment and realize I need to change a yes/no button. Just let me go do it.

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My default on MF WebFC was 20 miles, yet I had to select 40 miles to see shops that are 9.62 miles away. And for shops 40 miles away, if I'm going that way? They only show up when I change it to 90.

I'd love an auto-resizer for shops that require photos to be exactly 640x480.

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Prophet does not require the leading 0 ... though it will allow it.

And it is possible that it is because of how much time I have spent working on Prophet systems, but I hate the systems that require you to put the pm right after the number, because I always put a space there. But again, that may just be because of years entering reports on Prophet.
Grammatically speaking, there should be a space between the time and AM/PM.

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Prophet why can't photos be saved like Sassie and Shopmetrics. Why do photos have to have a different name. When I try to enter photos straight from my Iphone, it freezes my phone.

Shopmetrics why can I not log in from my Iphone. I constantly have to request a new password to log into the system.
Yes I agree about MF...also I have to put in different zip codes to get shops that are more local to me.

My problem with Prophet is this....under Visits I can accept...it never puts ALL the shops available within a certain distance...I know I live in a big city, but, still...there should stil lbe shops that I consider local to me listed...

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