“Scheduler of the Year” Contest – 9/1 - 9/14 ***NOMINATIONS CLOSED***

Happy Labor Day!

What a great day to celebrate the very people who work so hard and are so instrumental in guiding and supporting us shoppers in our mystery shopping endeavors!

Their title may be “scheduler”, however most shoppers would agree, they are so much more than just that. Add advisor, clarifier, mediator, hand holder, forgiver, exception maker, pleader, defender and re-scheduler, and you may have made a slight dent in what the scheduler’s job truly encompasses. Simply put, the schedulers are the shoppers’ lifelines to the Mystery Shopping Companies.

The “Scheduler of the Year” contest is an opportunity for shoppers to recognize those individuals, who have helped them to be successful shoppers, throughout the year.

All schedulers, even the non-winners, will enjoy being openly acknowledged for his or her excellence. The winning scheduler will be profiled in Mystery Shopper Magazine and his or her MSC will be notified of the honor.

1) Nominations will be accepted on this thread, until Sunday, September 14th.

2) Each shopper can nominate as many schedulers as they wish; however each
nomination must be in a separate post.

3) Please identify the nominated scheduler by name and MSC.

4) Briefly explain the reasons behind your nomination. (Keep in mind, the more
convincing you are, the better the chances of your nominee winning.)

5) To vote, members simply “like” the post of the nominated scheduler. Members may vote
for as many schedulers as they wish.

6) In the event of a tie, a random panel of three forum members, who have not posted
any nominees, will make the final decision.

Important Note: If you wish to post a comment about the contest, please do so in the separate thread, titled, “Comments - Scheduler of the Year”: [www.mysteryshopforum.com]

Thank you and let’s have fun!


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.

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Tammy MacDowell- Confero

Only an email or phone call away. Answers emails or calls you back within the hour, even on weekends. Wastes her time so that you're not wasting yours... like recently with a calendar board issue, where available dates were showing as unavailable, and unavailable dates were showing as available. She took the time to email a correct list of dates and locations, followed up with a phone call to confirm I'd received the list, and followed up with another phone call,confirming my dates and location choices. Emailed me this weekend to remind me of a shop of mine that I'd nearly forgotten about. It wasn't yet overdue, but she'd noticed that it was still in "New" status, meaning I hadn't reviewed the guidelines yet. I had, actually forgotten to add it to my calendar, with the craziness of other end-of-month shops, and would have not remembered until it was too late, had it not been for her attention.

I have other scheduler stories where they've gone to bat for me in less that ideal situations, but this.... Here's a scheduler who goes above and beyond in her everyday, even when things don't go wrong. She's my new mark by which I set my scheduler standards.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
Lisa Toscano - Bare International

Lisa always takes the time to answer emails. Since most of the shops I do for her are on very rural routes, sometimes dates have to be changed. She never complains and always accommodates my requests. She will bonus when she can and is one of the easiest schedulers to get along with.
Nancy Young - Quest for Best -

She always gives plenty of work, is never bitchy or critical and CARES about her shopperssmiling smiley
Frances - Maritz

I want to still be working when I'm her age (just guessing, but I think she's much older than me). She's calm, speaks s.l.o.w.l.y, and free of accent.

Not my circus - Not my monkeys @(*.*)@

~Polish Proverb~
Dan Oneil with Ritter associates. Always answers email or phone call. Willing to work with me on giving bonuses. One of my favorites. I have a good paying regular route now because of him. Makes me have an A-1 day.

Shopping Western NY, Northeast and Central PA, and parts of Ohio and West Virginia. Have car will travel anywhere if the monies right.
BuffaloNY101 Wrote:
> Dan Oneil with Ritter associates. Always answers
> email or phone call. Willing to work with me on
> giving bonuses. One of my favorites. I have a good
> paying regular route now because of him. Makes me
> have an A-1 day.

Dan is good smiling smiley
cubbiecat Wrote:
> Frances - Maritz
> I want to still be working when I'm her age (just
> guessing, but I think she's much older than me).
> She's calm, speaks s.l.o.w.l.y, and free of
> accent.

Frances is in her early 90's (if I remember correctly.) I asked her one time if she HAD to work or she WANTED to work. She basically told me that she loves working because it keeps her mind sharp. And she didn't want to be sitting in a rocking chair just waiting for the clock to wind down. I think that is a great attitude.

“I'm the one that's got to die when it's time for me to die, so let me live my life the way I want to.”
~ Jimi Hendrix

“The fear of death follows from the fear of life. A man who lives fully is prepared to die at any time.” ~ Mark Twain

“To the well-organized mind, death is but the next great adventure.” ~ J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
Kelly Fosdick at Second to None. She is always a quick email away and great at clarifying shop requirements and offering bonuses when they're available. I emailed her with a personal story about shopping with disabilities and she responded with warmth and understanding.
The schedulers from Georgia with their cute accents. Sorry I don't know your names but they have always been polite and professional.
Barbry Booth - Customer Impact

She consistently responds to emails within the hour and always answers her phone, whenever I've called with an urgent question. When I shopped the wrong location and called to confess, she was very understanding and generously gave me two extra days to redo the shop. My favorite part though is that she's not "all business" and has a sense of fun and is always will to share a laugh when I am lightheartedly bemoaning a shopping situation.


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Joni (Summit Scheduling) is my favourite I think. She's professional and has a great sense of humour. She'll often 'bends the rules' to get the work done.

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Felicia, Market Force's scheduler. She has a great sense of humour but is very professional at the same time. I love her. smiling smiley She always calls me when something NEEDS to get done fast and offers a nice bonus to it.
Sally Valet! Probably not her real name but that's what I have her down as in my phone. works for KSS.

up, up, down, down, left, right,left,right, B,A, start.
Carla McCravy- Mystery Researchers

Responds within the hour to inquiries. If she promises to look into something, she will...immediately. Does not pass you off to others. Handles your inquiries herself, even if it means that she is chasing down answers so that you don't have to. Provides prompt, thorough resolutions.

Plan the work. Work the plan.
I would like to nominate a great Shopper Advocate. She works for the Market Force Help Desk. She is always positive and friendly, if you have a question about a receipt, etc. I realize she may not be a scheduler per-say, but she helps her shoppers in a positive way! smiling smiley

Shopper Advocate
Market Force Help Desk
Georgia Schedulers are also my favorite. From Market Force and I have trouble deciding so I will nominate each one, I will start with.


Market Force

O.o o.O

Happily shopping New England and beyond!!!!!
I would like to nominate Jackie Jacoby with KSS International. Jackie has been one of the nicest and helpful individuals that I have had the pleasure to work with among several mystery shop companies. I know that Jackie is just a message away and she is always very prompt to reply to my messages. She is willing to work with me in order to provide me with routes where I can have multiple shops and maximize my earnings. She also has been wonderful at working to reschedule shops when due to various reasons, I have been unable to perform them as planned. However, Jackie not only does the typical routine duties associated with her job; she is extremely personable and that says something when you are referring to a person with whom you've never actually "talked to" or "met face-to-face". Her attitude and conduct through emails conveys that of a woman with integrity, respect and values. I can think of not a better person to receive an award than Jackie Jacoby!
LindaM Wrote:
> Samantha from Marketforce!!
> Just kidding smiling smiley

I know, right? She gives us extra jobssmiling smiley lol...
Who could be more awesome than Shelley Martin? She is always prompt and empathetic with her replies and solutions.
Just the one to make shopping more fun, more worthwhile and more meaningful to all.
Shelly Martin from KSS International!

Always replies back email requests with in 24 hours. Always accommodating my date change requests, Keep Going!
Shelly Martin with KSS international is a great scheduler.
Attentive, focused and organized.
I would recommend her to anyone.
Shelly Martin (KSS International) keeps track of her shoppers and the areas they live in. She works with us to get these assignments done on time while keeping the quality high. Emails, clarifications and requests are responded to quickly and accurately. If you have the privilege of working with her, LIKE this post and continue the rave reviews of Shelly Martin!
I nominate Shelly Martin, from KSS International. When she took over a big client I had shopped for a lot working with a previous scheduler, I worried whether she would know I can be counted on, and would give me the amount of work I was used to getting. It didn't take long for her to start responding to me positively and almost always giving me the shops I requested. She's been easy to work with, and flexible whenever possible. She also seems to be available almost 24/7. I can send her an email late at night my time, and have a response from her first thing in the morning. Sometimes we even email in real time. I feel almost like we know each other, and that's always a good thing in a good, respectful working relationship.
I think Erika Martin with Ace deserves recognition. She is always in a good mood, has a good sense of humor and goes above and beyond to help us shoppers. If there is a problem, it gets straightened out quickly.
Shelly Martin

KSS International

Always accessible and ALWAYS flexible. She covers my A$$ when things go awry. Quick to respond and also quick to show appreciation. I appreciate all you do!!

I could agree with you, but then we'd both be wrong.
Shelly with KSS. Girl, you are awesome! You are available to your shoppers, helpful, compassionate, strict when needed. Where are her clones?

She is a lady, and I don't use the term loosely, are great examples of what people in thief profession should be. When they reach out for help, I'm always glad to assist them with the shops nobody wants,
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