stopwatch for merchandising; restaurant times

I followed a previous forum recommendation for a stop watch that recorded times with a click for restaurant timing but I lost my phone and don't remember the name of the app. Looking for best recommendations ASAP. Thanks for your input in advance

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What kind of phone do you have? Why not use the default apps on the phone such as the built-in stop watch, notes and screenshot features, assuming you have a smartphone.

Personally, I just screenshot my home screen on my iPhone that shows the clock app. You'll notice it shows down to the second. I think it's useful because you can carefully "screenshot" all the timing points you need, note which screenshot is what and then you can reference all this when you're ready to do your report. If you're adamant on using digital timings only, just use the the built-in stop watch on your phone, then screenshot it if you have multiple timing points you need to account for, for your shop.

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I have a little mini MP3 player that is also a voice recorder the size of an ipod mini. It has a surprisingly good microphone on it and an accurate time stamp on the audio file. I just turn it on before every shop now before I exit the car and set it in my shirt pocket and reply to people when they greet me with their name (read off the nametag) and when nobody is near me, just softly speak notes about descriptions and observations.

Timings are always perfect as I dont even have to think about them douring the shop itself. When something is brought to the table, I'll just say something like, "That (item) looks good." as they set it down.

I enjoy the shop much more when I don't have to concentrate on the mundane parts of the report and can then concentrate on observing the situation around me.
Shopit app is one that works as a stopwatch and the one MarketForce had me get for a shop was Stopwatch Extreme Free. I use the automatic audio app for recording audio, these are all on the android
I use mystery stopwatch - it allows the volume button on my phone to record stops in time, so I feel I can do that and not be obvious about it.
If you had a smart phone and got the app off of Google Play, when you get a replacement, you should be able to sync up your Play account and resurrect all of the apps you had on your old phone. If you are starting with a new phone and a new gmail account, you could use your computer to log into Google Play under your old account and see all of the apps under My Apps.

I often do the audio recording for my timings. If there isn't much else to remember, I like to use Hybrid Stopwatch. It allows me to set up the volume buttons to function for the stopwatch buttons, so I don't even need to look. I can then text or email the laps/timings to myself so I don't lose them.


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I use Mystery Shopwatch also and love it, especially for the shops where using a cellphone is prohibited during the shop so I cannot use one of the programs which time by pretending to text. I use the feature to use my volume buttons for timing points as well as the "muted colors" feature and then turn my phone brightness all the way down. Unless the room is dark and someone is squinting at it at very close range there is no way they can see it is running. I use it for restaurant shops with timings and have had to put my phone down to get money out and even with the phone face up it is undetectible. I use the notes section to indicate which timing features are at stop 1, 2, 3, etc and save these until I have been paid. I turn my phone volume all the way down too so it only makes a buzzing sensation when the timing is pressed.
I use a swimmers stop watch that I got for $10 at a sports store. It fits in the palm of my hand and can do split timings. I just find it easier than my phone.
I use a sports tracking app (I think it is called RunTIme) and like it because sometimes I do multiple shops at a time, like retail shops in a mall, and it saves the past twenty timings. Comes in handy when I don't have time to write down the timings before clearing and moving on to the next.

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I've been using Ultrachron Lite. Like the others mentioned, it allows you to stop/start/lap/reset using the volume up/down buttons. It saves up to 10 timings, is super easy to use, and you can e-mail timings. I've got it running on an Android smartphone and it's the free version of the app.
Shop It app, created by a MS forum user. The stopwatch feature looks like you are texting and all you do is tap the screen to mark time and then the app via an excel sheet will convert your times into seconds and minutes. It's very easy to use and it doesn't look like you are timing someone.
Thanks to all who responded; a lot of good recommendations. Mystery Stopwatch was the one I had used before and I did reload it but had a problem in trying to use it. Just walking into the restaurant, it was "self creating" multiple times, even though I had changed it to the volume button for noting times. I think I will check out some of the other sources that were provided. Again, many thanks for all your responses.
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