Question about a part of a shop. (Car Dealership)

So I did a car dealership and the salesman and his manager were quite pushy. Definitely trying to get me to buy. The lease price was 261 per month. The manager sat down and said that his wife has the same car and that she got her the car for 261 per month for a lease. I'm already thinking yeah right. So he goes away for a few minutes and comes back. He says that once a month they can offer a customer the same price as what an employee pays for the lease. That ended up being 199 per month.

Obviously he isn't getting me an employee discount and not getting the same discount for his own wife. So basically 99 percent chance he lied to me to get me to bite. Do I mention this when filling out the report or should I just disregard it?

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I would not bother. It seems to be the same thing at most Dealers...

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Yeah. I've done 8 dealerships now and this was by far the shadiest experience I've had. Actually most dealers seem to be respectful of your decision to not buy. At least in cleveland-akron-canton area.
If they ask for specifics about the negotiation I would include the amounts offered. I would not bother to mention the details about the wife, etc.

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who would be dumb enough to believe that he is
giving you a better price than his wife

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Yeah. Really. Overall I highly encourage anyone in the market for a car to do as many of these shops as you can before you start looking. I've gained so much knowledge about the process doing my 8 shops. You really get a good perspective on the personalities and tactics of the salesmen that are out there.

I've had new salesmen that were really good and made you comfortable as a customer. And I've had ones that were experienced just going through the motions on explain the car and just are looking for the sale. You really start to figure out who's BSing you and who's got credibility.

And most definitely when you start to shoo for a car, visit multiple dealers who sell the same car. You will get different prices and more than likely any other dealer will match another dealerships offer.
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Walk out anytime you feel pressure....This was a shop, so my opinion may not count and you have to follow the guidelines.

I guess I am more referring to a regular day, where you are "really" buying a car...
I would definitely include the entire interaction.

Including the amounts offered gives the dealership a chance to evaluate whether he is offering truthful, realistic offers to potential buyers, and not hooking them in with lies and then changing it last minute when it almost impossible to pull out.

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Heck yeah, I'd include the specifics that were offered. Of course, leave out the part that, "So basically 99 percent chance he lied to me to get me to bite."

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I most definitely included that I was being offered a once a month to a customer employee price, so if that's BS, that's on them, not me. Kept the catching him in a lie part out of it.
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