Is the frozen yogurt shop still with Goodwin?

Since I mentioned the msc I won't mention the actual name of the frozen yogurt place. They have odd-shaped spoons and you have to comment on what is playing on the television loop.

I used to do a lot of these, even though they were reimbursement only. I haven't seen these in awhile and I'm wondering what's going on. Even in the winter last year there were a bunch. Now I can't find any????

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If you're talking about quantity of payment, no, if you're talking about on time, I haven't had any late payments from them. Then again I don't do a ton of work for them.

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Haven't seen it out here. Fortunately, other MSC's shop other frozen yogurt places, so I can still get my fix every once in a while! smiling smiley

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Yes they still do them. But instructions say call is AFTER visit. If location is out zero'pay. They the told me you need two calls, not in instructions, one to verify open and one for the question. But if out iti is zero pay.
I have done the frozen dessert a few times now but they were not with the MSC you mentioned. I enjoyed doing them because they were relaxing to do, especially during summer.
Goodwin emailed me the other day with a few of those shops here, so I guess they're still doing them.
their paying time frame has least I didn't have to chase my money for the last shop I did...that being said, i held out for a bonus...won't do their shops for the minimal pay they offer.
I have not done shops for Goodwin for a while but I regularly do the yogurt. So someone else is doing it, at least in Toronto.
And as I stated, no stress at all with this shop. The cooling effect compensates for the low fee. As long as it is in my route, I have no complaint. I won't travel far to do them.
I did one of those last month. I love their froyo so much, I will do it for the minimal fee. I have never had a problem getting paid in a timely manner.
Yes, Goodwin still does them. However, I very rarely see them on the job board. The scheduler usually emails me to ask me to do certain locations. There are some locations that seem to not be shopped.
I once got paid for doing a closed shop. Even if I had called before going, it wouldn't have done any good because the phone went to voicemail so I would have had to check it out anyways. It helped that I took a photo of the FedEx delivery tag that was on the door with a time of 10:17 am and I was there just after 5 pm.
Let me add a commercial for my current fave yogurt store. We have Yogurtland. I have no idea if they are shopped but I can get a nice sized portion with some toppings for under $2 as they almost always have a 3 oz free coupon somewhere. I know they are nationwide to some degree. I do a mystery shop for Pinkberry but they are 2x the price of Yogurtland and the report is not at all a snap to do. They do pay a fee but for me it is not worth it since I can get wonderful and cheap yogurt at Yogurtland. So if there are no shops in your area I would recommend them as an inexpensive alternative. Just beware it is serve yourself and the cup is huge. If you fill it up it will not be cheap. But you can take as much or as little as you want and they give you a whole bunch of sample cups. I almost eat my fill in samples before I even start to prepare my cup.
Goodwin has gotten a lot better with their payments since those days. It's been a long time since I had to remind them.
I applied to Goodwin two weeks ago after they posted about the upcoming buffet shops. Never got a response sad smiley

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Watch the buffet ones.... Lunch is less pay and the restaurant charges the same fee for lunch and dinner so in turn you are out a fair amount of money for picking lunch.

isaiah58 Wrote:
> I applied to Goodwin two weeks ago after they
> posted about the upcoming buffet shops. Never got
> a response sad smiley
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