Editor or Scheduler

Which would you do? What are the advantages of one over another?



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Editors for sure...the schedulers have the challenge of struggling to find someone to go to BFE for a measly $6 bonus in a snowstorm, the editor just gets the ability to provide feedback on how they did.

If I had to choose between being an editor or a scheduler, I would choose to be a fire ant farmer.
God bless the editors and schedulers who can deal with us! There's no way that I could.
There are ups and downs to both! I started off editing but have been scheduling for 9 years now (edited for 3 years when I first started scheduling).

With editing, looking at the reports can put you to sleep sometimes. However, there are so many reports where it appears the person who wrote the report did not pass 1st grade <seriously!> Sometimes to get the required information feels like pulling teeth when we cannot get in touch with the shopper or if they email back and there is still not the information we have stated is required.

There are also some very colorful or interesting reports that we have to read. tongue sticking out smiley

With scheduling, oi vey! I need to start off by saying I LOVE to get to know the shoppers! I've had many wonderful phone conversations when shoppers who I schedule. I do have some GO TO shoppers who email me saying YES let me help you! (without asking for a bonus, mind you!). Then there are those who will only do a shop if given a bonus. However, I do not always have the bonus to offer. sad smiley

Then there are the shoppers who will cuss you out for emailing them (THROUGH the system where they signed up!) I will only ever personally contact shoppers who register with the company I schedule for or those that other schedulers recommend (that is rare but it does happen).

And now, it's heading to the end of the month and I actually do have a client that we must have all scheduled for this weekend so I'm pulling out my hair and begging begging begging shoppers (with what bonus money I have been allotted).

Deva Roberts
Director of Operations
ACE Mystery Shopping
Deva, where are the shops located and what kind of shops are they?


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Checked your job board, Deva. Didn't find anything in my area. Shucks!

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