$20 check cashing KSS

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If it's the ones with Service Sleuth, yep, I've done quite a few. I haven't done them in a few years. I'm sure the employees are on to me. Every time I have to request a $200 loan. The check-cashing place still calls me every few months to see if I'd like another loan. Not worth the $20 fee.
It's a quick and easy money maker, in my opinion. As long as you go back and pay the money on time...I used to do multiple locations. I shopped them for about 8 years in my state. I eventually got "made" as a shopper and had to quit doing them on the MS request. That sucked. If you get this opportunity and are a responsible person who can pay back loans in a timely manner, do these shops cause it's good and easy money!
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