New schedulers and editors?

I've noticed that several shopper sites have strange (new?) people. The last one I noticed was for Panera's shops. I have done probably 100 of them in the past year. Editor wanted me to upload pictures. I emailed her back to say that I uploaded the pictures originally, but they were not required. She responded my sending me a further request, along with an attachment for the shop instructions. I repeated to her that finding these pictures after a week would be very time consuming, and that they were not required. I resisted telling her what I really thought. Anyone have strange stuff with new people lately?

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I understand. I have a company I do gas station shops for monthly about 14 of them total sometimes more. They use to be auto assignable but a new scheduler came in and I had to request each one. I never heard back, I didn't get one. Frustrating as that is constant cash for me, they are so fun and easy and on my way to everywhere. I'm hoping to get some this month.
I don't know why it would be "time consuming" to find the pictures after a week. I file all my pictures by month and they are all dated so I know when they were taken. About four times a year I go through my laptop and delete the pictures for the shops for which I've been paid.

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Pics have or should have a date stamp. Go back to the shop date and you have them. You should be keeping them till payment anyway so they should not yet be deleted.
I keep picture by shop an date in folders on my laptop. Just tell me the date and I can find your picture within a minute. Anyone who doesn't file their picture by date and shop should as it makes it easy.

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I think maybe Buffalo and I are on the same page. I keep a Flash drive with all my shops on it, separated by year since 2008 when I started to shop. At the beginning of a year, I start a new folder for the year. Every month I start a sub-folder for that month. Under the month, each client gets a sub-folder. If I shop multiple locations for the same client, each location gets its own sub-folder. I download guidelines to the sub-folders. I file pictures, receipts, and a copy of the report in the sub-folder. The flash drive drives with me and I can use it with my tablet, which also travels with me everywhere. Every quarter, I back up my Flash drive to a mini hard drive.

Everything is filed by year, month, and client. It shouldn't be time-consuming to find pictures from a shop I did a week ago. Actually, I could easily provide photos or a receipt from a shop 6 months ago - or a couple of years ago.
I keep folders for each day and the photos/business cards/invoices go into that folder. I could find you a picture I took in 2010 in a few seconds.
I'm confused. The OP said that pictures weren't required but they uploaded them and then were asked again for pictures that weren't required. ???
It seems awfully time consuming to keep records in that much detail. I'm swamped with work as it is. This forum is one of my few forms of entertainment/play. I don't even watch television.
Yeah I had one Editor try to deduct points off an otherwise perfect scored shop because she couldn't open my image file. The reason it couldn't be opened is because the MSC site was glitchy and I communicated the issue with screenshots. A more known scheduler corrected the issue and apologized profusely.

People make mistakes especially when they are new. Be nice and speak with a trusted employer at the MSC if it is a major issue.

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Yes, the Panera's MSC was taken over by another company.... I suspect that was the reason... Still was really dumb lol.
I had an editor ask why the discrepancy in the address of the banker, the bank and the asset management manager. I compared the business cards and let the editor know there was no discrepancy at all in addresses that I could see. I asked her to expand her comments. I got nothing but crickets. No further explanation, no apology, no contact.
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