Kudos to two schedulers!

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This is a thanks and heartfelt kudos to schedulers Crystal at Beyond Hello and Ryan at Second to None. I have had a string of legit reasons that I could not submit my latest shops on time and both have been pleasant and professional and have worked with me in getting these shops submitted. I am at the public library right now as my modem fried last night (!!!!!) and before I leave and have no easy internet access again I wanted to make sure and give these two a public and heartfelt THANKS! Off my soapbox now.

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It's always good to praise good behavior rather than complain about bad behavior.

I was at the public library yesterday, too, and in my case I couldn't finish because I had to email a bunch of pictures to Mercantile Systems. Working through the viruses on my computer, I was able to get an email sent. My computer is devirused now. I dealt with several people. They attached the pictures to the report. That saved me a lot of time since I lost a lot of time trying to figure out what was wrong with the computer before finally taking it to the shop.
I don't know Crystal, but, I personally, find Ryan at Second to None, very, very helpful!


I intend to live forever. So far, so good.
Here is a shout out to Greg @ Summit Scheduling.

I did a shop today. I was the only customer in the tiny store along with the very chatty Manager and an equally chatty Salesperson.

It was all I could do to get out of there! I paid cash and did not get a receipt, which I discovered after I got home. My fault.

He is permitting me to redo the shop tomorrow!!

Thanks Greg, from a relative Newbie!!

Shopping Central Jersey Shoreline. WHAT? I'm an adult?! When did this happen?! How do I make it stop?!
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