Apply and wait or call the scheduler?

I know this one will have many answers, depending on what company your dealing with.

As an example, I had several jobs in a cluster and it was only worth doing them, if I could get all of them. The MSC was the type where you apply and wait.

I called the scheduler and asked for all or none, and 30 seconds later, they were all assigned to me.

This company answers the phone and even has the extension of the scheduler of the project in the job information area. Some companies don't have it so nice.....

I have applied with other companies days in advance and got no reply, and didn't want to be blindsided at the last minute and removed my application to the job, instead of being assigned at the last minute or even worse, during the actual shop window!

How do the veteran shoppers handle companies that leave you hanging and your trying to make a route?

When I have to make a choice, I will withdraw my application to a shop, so as to not get blind sighted with it on the due date if I can't reach a scheduler.

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Same here is the shop is not awarded in a reasonable amount of time I cancel my request. I can;t spend time waiting on them when they want results within 12 hours.
When I apply I typically included a deadline including time zone if there is a comment allowed. Otherwise I will also cancel my application if that window closes and I'm past MY deadline. I definitely appreciate when you get a phone number and extension for the scheduler and I love it when they even answer.
I'm usually proactive unless it is a small filler shop that won't make or break the trip. When I'm ready to finalize my day, usually several days before, anything pending just gets deleted.

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I don't let them leave me hanging...I tell them what I want and if no response within a reasonable set time, I withdraw my request for a set of shops. smiling smiley

You are correct. Unless you can get ALL of the ones you want, in a certain area, then it is not worth it.
I'll email or call scheduler or companies when trying to set up a route. I don't like leaving open apps as I may forget about them and then get assigned and can't do them anymore. Whenever I get a schedulers phone number I add to my contact list.

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