Confessions of a First Year Mystery Shopper

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Wow, this is excellent! The article was very informative and interestingly written. CureMS, I particularly liked the way you "bolded" the main points throughout the article and summed them all up at the end. smiling smiley


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CureMS - you are spot on! This is great reading for any shopper, especially ones who are new.
Very nice...thanks CureMS. I enjoyed reading your article.

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I love, love, love bullet points. i think some of the long-winded forum posts should have bullet points. Think of all the time we would save.
Yes! Very good. Loved the format and the tone. The writer seemed very humble to me while making very good (bold) points. Loved it. smiling smiley

There are two types of people in this world: Those who can extrapolate from incomplete data.
Great article!

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CureMS, very nice! Love it!!

I learned to daydream, (even more). When I am at a bank in a small town 75 miles from where I live, I can daydream and say that I am shopping for a bank in the area where I am about to build my dream home, a place where I can retreat from the city. It could happen!

Also enjoy this part... so true!

Somewhere in the Midwest, shopping / auditing full time since 2014. Will use PV-500 for food! smiling smiley
This article is great! I loved it, and I am aspiring to be where you are in a year! I am really kicking myself right now for quitting mystery shopping a few years ago, and I feel like I am starting over.
I like daydream a lot better than what I've been using. A scheduler who still shops occasionally used to tell people who asked what she did, "I'm a professional liar." So now I have adapted "LMAO" where the first word now stands for "lying" instead of "laughing." Sometimes it scares me how easily the lies come to me when I get thrown a curve ball. I'll just start telling people I get paid to daydream.

I really enjoyed this article!
Thank You CureMS! I am very grateful to you for your generosity.

Shopping Central Jersey Shoreline. WHAT? I'm an adult?! When did this happen?! How do I make it stop?!
Loved the article.

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Excellent Cure MS!!! I love the DETAILS you were willing to share without boundaries!! Now that is what I call a giver!! May you receive just as much and then some in return!! THANK YOU smiling smiley !!


I am not the most active member of this public forum. In fact I rarely log on to check updates a few minutes weekly. Please do not think I am ignoring you if I do not respond to your input right away. Happy Shopping!
Good article, valuable lessons to be learned. Have been a successful mystery shopper for 4 years now and support a family on it. Have learned to take higher paying jobs as the amount of mileage on your car really counts. My car is 2 1/2 years old and has 70,000 miles on it, have had to pull back on lesser paying jobs as this is a really expensive item to replace but live and learn!

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