International service check is it a scam ?

I got a call.text ,email from this company over a week a go after sending my resume. I talk with two people one male and one female that work for the company .I m living the Canada GTA area. I m looking for others in my area to contact me so let me know if this a scam or not . I got a check in the mail today for my payment and the money that I would need to do the shops. I was told after 4 days that I would go into the Head Office in Toronto and full out HR info and get taxes taking out of my pay as I would be get paid every week by this company . Is there any way for me to make sure that is company is on the up and up and there is a lot of companies out there so you don t know how it a scam or not

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There is a company called International Service Check, but that does not sound like them. I don't believe they are in Toronto.

Most mystery shop companies don't require you to send in a resume so I would be careful in the future giving out your info until you know for sure a company is legit.
It's not uncommon for these scam artists to use names of legitimate companies. Yours sounds a lot like a scam. In all my years of mystery shopping I've never been paid before I did the assignment.

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Its very much a scam. ISC is based in Europe. No mystery shopping company pays a salary weekly, nor do they take taxes. Report them to police and maybe they can follow this thru and arrest them.

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Any time you're given a check before you do the work, you can bet it is a scam. As Miketfse said, contact the police. If they won't do anything, look up the bank that the check is drawn on and contact their fraud department. They will be interested.

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The only time I was ever "paid" upfront was when I first started out and was sent a gift certificate to buy a meal at a high end restaurant. I was really shocked the msc would trust a new shopper with a pricey dinner. I could have done the shop and never done the report. Perhaps they would have sued me but I thought this was a chancy way of doing business for them. This went on for a year and I did many, many delicious high end shops at that well known chef's establishments and then finally they started reimbursing like other msc do. They were based in a different country and I always wondered if there was a higher standard of ethics in their home country.
I had found that company through Craigslist and believe me I thoroughly checked out the validity of the gift certificate before I ate the meal and then had to pay out of pocket. I guess I was lucky too. It is a company that is well known and is on the list of msc on this site but I did not know about this site at the time.
In general if it sounds too good to be true, don't even think of cashing that check. Run, run, run.
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