Contacting an ACE scheduler?

I haven't done an ACE shop since they went with PayQuicker, but.... I succumbed to a couple of really nice bonuses offered and had two menu audits today.

Which I totally botched. Ack!

My camera didn't take the pics or didn't save the pics or something, I don't know what. I over take pics for an assignment like this but when I uploaded my days work to the laptop I don't have enough pics to submit the report. I can go back tomorrow and redo it and I know that will be within the shop dates offered. I am worried the report will show late though, it is due by midnight tonight

I want to shoot an email to the scheduler to let them know what is going on. First of all, I didn't know who the scheduler is. My acceptance email doesn't have a name. Secondly, I can't find an email link on their website.

Does anyone have any ideas on what I should do?

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Ace out-and-out lied to people about Payquicker "being the same as" Paypal. It isn't. I don't work for them any more. Your choice.
Agreed. Julie and Tiffany are both tops. Like them both and liked working for ACE ....... until September 2011 when they went with PayQuicker as their only payment option. I'd go back in a minute ..... but only if they had an alternate pay method - no PayQuicker for me!
Payquicker is a bank, short and simple. They wanted me to send them a copy of my passport. Hello..identity theft anyone? They responded that this is secure. Right.. so how did millions of VA info make it into public domain? I'm sure Ace is honest, as are these great gals, but sh*t happens. I told them I would not send my mama a copy of my passport. Payquicker probably also didn't like it that I said if their CEO sends me a copy of her drivers license I would send mine. (I'm also on Nixon's watch list, along with Elvis.) Way too funny.
I am an Ace shopper and have never had a problem with Payquicker. My shop reimbursements are sent to my bank account right on time. I would be amiss if I didn't say Ace is the best company I've dealt with. Never a problem with them. Also Erika Wooton is one of the nicest and accommodating scedulers I've ever worked with.

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