Mystery shopping/reporting programs

Hi guys.
I am new to this forum, hope I am ok posting this here...
I live in South Africa and am in the process of setting up a small local customer experience consultancy.
I am looking for mystery shopping/reporting software that I can use to make that side of the businesses easier.
Do you know where I can turn for a good simple user friendly solution that would allow me to use their solution for my small business on a subscription basis?
What softwares are you working with? If you have got any other advise for me, I would really appreciate it.

Lilia x

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Welcome to the forum!

You are definitely welcome to post here. As a shopper, I can list some of the software I see used without really knowing how well it works for business owners. Hopefully you can get some hints to follow up with.


In addition, you might contact the branch of the MSPA that serves your country. It is a trade association of mystery shopping companies.

Good luck.

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The most used and respected software in the industry is Sassie.

From the shoppers view it is certainly the most polished and capable.


They have examples and demos on the website.

You will connect with more shoppers with this platform IMHO.
This could be wrong but I thought it's been said Sassie is also the least expensive for small companies.

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Contacting the MSPA, the industry association, is a great place for you to start liljoam, and not only to learn about software. Industry associations can be really helpful to startups.

Good luck to you!
As a almost brand new shopper, I love how easy Sassie is to use. I never have a problem using my ipad2, my computer or my new Galaxy note 4 on the road for all of my shops.

I'm having issues with Prophet. Firefox will no longer let me use it and I need to switch to Chrome. Even then, I still have issues.

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Thank you guys, I will look into it. Don't find a rep for MSPA in South Africa though...
Hoping to find a very affordable and user friendly solution.x
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