Seen any Post Office shops lately?

Seems like these have more or less dried up both around here (Northern Illinois.) I've also checked a couple areas in Georgia where I'll be travelling for spring break. Nothing there either. That is, other than the Scenario C jobs that seem to stick around forever.

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I expanded my radius a bit and saw a few here and there, but nothing worth going out of my way for. Only one in the whole Chicago area I could find. haha.

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I just got one with a pretty good bonus on it. They seem to be finishing up the last of them here.
Lots of them here and some with bonuses. But when I apply it is hit or miss. Sometimes I will get 2 or 3 while the others in my area just sit on the board. I don't really understand.
I've not seen one with a bonus in the 6 months or so that I did them. They did double the base fee at the end of December for a few last ones. I thought of it as a little Christmas present. Where are y'all, if I may ask?
At least one comes across my in box every day. Applied for and did one, but I don't have anything else to mail. Plus, they are not all that close to me and not worth going out of my way.

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Only a few C shops in my area. I keep checking the boards because I do several of them each round and I miss them. Have lots of things to ship back to my shipping buddies.
The last non-"C" shop that I did was a month ago. The shop types seem to run in batches, so I suspect (hope) that a different type will appear in April.

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Hope so, I've got a couple ebay items to ship.

If anybody's looking for a shipping partner in northeast Illinois/southeast Wisconsin, send me a PM. I've got a good stock of just-the-right-weight books to send. They fit in the cheap ReadyPost cushion mailers.
I just did 3 "d" scenarios this week. I'm only getting emails about C but found these when I logged into the board to check. I did one in Feb and a ton in January.

I just need to remember if they turn up in April not to them on the 15th. That was a train wreck!
I have been getting lots of Post Office shops, but I don't like the ones where I have to buy a Ready Post mailer. The company is [name deleted due to ICA violation]. Good luck to you!

Mod note: Please do not link the Mystery Shopping company with the client. It is against forum rules and an ICA violation. Thanks.
@ Koko-pop: Try emailing the scheduler and asked. It used to happen to me with some movie theater shops in my area and the scheduler explained the rotation schedule.

They used to do them monthly but it seems that it's every 2 or 3 months only now. Also, they are very popular and don't stay on the board too long in my area.
I was thinking the same thing tjr. The only ones I've seen this month have been the food bank ones. I can only do one of those as they cost so much up front. I was starting to think maybe I have done my quota and they have cut me off????
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