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Those of you who have done Exxon/Mobil, Shell and BP station shops - how do you rate them? Ease of doing, like, dislike, time to complete, debriefing?

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@LIJake wrote:

Those of you who have done Exxon/Mobil, Shell and BP station shops - how do you rate them? Ease of doing, like, dislike, time to complete, debriefing?

Are you asking about mystery shopping only? Do you want feedback about audits and merchandising tasks?

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Revealed shops - when you change from your business casual to your Superman cape and brand name tag and hand over the LOA.

Have your plan of action in place. I refer to not just the remaining work (photos, items to check, signatures), but also the possible question, "How did we do?" Be polite, but firm. Say something like - I'm not allowed to do so, but you should have the results in a short time. Then complete the rest of the work.

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I've done a lot of E/M shops, 30 or so Shell and was just assigned some BP. I was just curious how you rate them. I like E/M a lot more than Shell and I wonder how BP fits in.
BP is in the between the two. Be prepared for station managers to be pissed off at you because they all seem to hate BP and you are their only sounding board.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I've noticed alot of BP's being debranded lately.

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Around here the BP "route" is exactly one station. Shell bought them in my area. I've done so many that they're easy-peasy at this point. Just make sure to get several of each photo so you don't get sent back to take more.

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I've done quite a few audits. I prefer these to any other type of shop. They may take a while the first time doing one, but they get considerably faster. Even the reporting time can be pretty quick once you get used to them.
I find Exxon to be the easiest, Shell is next and BP is the hardest for some reason, but still easily doable once you get past the first few. There seem to be a lot more rules for BP that you have to learn, paint colors, etc etc. There are a ton of routes for them here and I'll keep doing them as long as its not twenty below zero.
Thanks all, I expect the packet tomorrow and will start Friday. I was happy to see them on my job board as they have never been there before. It will fill in the end of this month and the beginning of next. I will make a detailed one page worksheet as I do for E/M and Shell and should be OK. Normally I take only a couple of shops for a new project but I didn't want to miss this opportunity and the scheduler was so enthusiastic about BP that I took 25.
E/M is my least favorite, probably because most of the stations in my area have 18-24 pumps and the picture of each pump can be trying sometimes. I found BP to be relatively easy after the first few. I also like the Shell, Marathon, and Citgo.

I've never had any problems with managers at any of the BP stations I've done.

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