grocery stores with Spanish narrative

I sooo want to do these grocery shops...!! Has anyone ever completed one? You are required to visit 6 departments...ask a question...and there are 5 or 6 narratives (that do not need to be translated).
There is a 70.00 reimbursement...and typically in the past...cough, cough (IKEA) shops that pay this much are usually just too much work in my opinion.
So curious if anyone has done one? Could make a dent in my food bill over the long run!

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You must purchase 1 advertised item in EACH of the 6 departments and note shelf price versus charged price; and note the tare and weight labels on these 6 purchased items.

You MUST also interact with an associate in EACH of the 6 assigned departments, and ask them about a SPECIFIC product or service within that department. You must note their name, attire, and if a parting comment was given. You will have to rate the associates' knowledge and the department condition in the survey, and explain each rating in detail.

This survey requires 6 narratives, and some answer options to be translated into Spanish.

This is from the notes...
I have done this, and it's really not that bad. You just need to do one paragraph narrative of each department. Plus, they provide you with a sample narrative.
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