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I am wondering if anyone has a comment on KSS Scheduling practices. I have a good rating with a couple of MS Companies that they schedule for, and have recently experienced having my applications simply dropped or left sitting in my apps until the assignment has lapsed. I have even noticed these same assignments being re-posted with bonuses. I apply, they get dropped etc. The last job I was assigned through KSS was given late at night the day that it was due, then got a late notice for the assignment, even though the time window would not have allowed it to be completed. I emailed the scheduler, she extended the date and apologized. But that was the last assignment I have received through KSS.
This has become really frustrating, in fact today I am dealing with the same issue. I like the MSC's that they cover, but right now it is feeling like I should just forget doing any apps through KSS. Costly, but probably less frustrating! All thoughts greatly appreciated!

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I don't dislike Kern Scheduling at all. They've been quite fair with me overall. You can't always get one of their good shops, but I understand they have to keep much of their shopper base happy.

I don't know what software platform their shop report is based upon, but it is clunky, unintuitive and full of holes. I wish they would use Sassie or Prophet instead.
I have seen the same thing. I recently accepted a shop with a bonus while my original application sat in pending status. Even deleting the app and resubmitting, did not help. I had to contact the scheduler by e-mail. There has only been one MSC in which my app simply dropped. After having my app for the same shop over and over, I sent an e-mail and was told I did not qualify due to rotation requirements.
I'm in the UK and have applied through Kern for assignments for one client with shops over here a few times recently and had no problems. Hannah deals with them and she is very efficient either allocating the assignment or telling me it's gone. I guess it must be much more lengthy process for US assignments with the massive numbers of shops and applications to go through. There is nothing worse than an application just hanging in the pending file!
My experience has been that Satisfaction Services posts some of their clients on Kern. Those dissappear once assigned. I have yet to apply for something that remained on the KSS site.

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I don't dislike KSS at all, I'm just trying to find out if other people have had a similar experiences, and am wondering how they handled it.

I emailed a KSS scheduler directly about a posting, and it was assigned to me. I did not get a response to my inquiry about the other MSC's. I just find it extremely frustrating. I am not cherry-picking assignments.

I am in Western Canada, in a very challenging area to cover. While speaking with a scheduler from a different company, I had the opportunity to explain the geography we deal with. Since then she has always given me a good heads-up call, so I can plan in advance. Other schedulers that have worked with assignments in this area do the same. It is difficult for someone in say, Ohio or Alabama or even Montreal to grasp the enormity of the area. I do a route that puts me on the road for five days a month, covering around 1,200 miles. Most of the assignments are covering jobs that would not be otherwise covered, so most are bonused. If I am planning to be in an area and see something that could be an add-on, I apply. But if the app just sits there for days, chances are that I am going to have to delete it, simply because I am no longer available.

Thanks for the information all.

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I think it has to do with the individual scheduler handling the particular account.

I have applied for regular shops. My app sits in the pending box. Then the shop gets bonused. I reapply. No go. Then I receive the "desperate, please, PLEASE help me!" email. I respond directly to the scheduler. No reply. Then more desperate/need help/higher bonuses/same shop - and again email the scheduler directly. After offering to do the work for THREE weeks and not receiving it, I gotta believe it's the scheduler.

I do regular monthly work with other schedulers at KSS and have no issues.

With regards to KSS and Sat Services, I have had the owner at Sat Services e-mailing a specific scheduler (multiple times) telling the scheduler to give me a specific assignment. Three weeks later...the shop still hasn't been assigned. Again, I think it's a specific scheduler.

And the shops I am applying for are not for a client I have done many shops for. And I haven't flaked/cancelled a shop/bombed a shop. And I meet the client' shopper requirements.

Don't know what I ever did to cross that scheduler, or if that scheduler has me mixed up with someone else, but it's a no go getting work from that scheduler unless the original client pushes and pushes the issue.

Or that scheduler is really hoping a certain someone else will apply for the shops they are scheduling.

Whatever it is, I just delete the emails from that scheduler.

Don't take it personally. It's most likely the scheduler having issues. And the scheduler is going through a ton of stress finding that "right" shopper instead of giving you the chance to help out.
I am sure it happened to most of us. Each time something like that happens, I sign up for more MSCs or turn to other MSC I am signed up with and sure enough I had forgotten that particular MSC. Then that scheduler will come back running to you.
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