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Hello all! I'm a long time mystery shopper but I'm new to this site. I just recently signed up with Service Check and I am curious as to any feedback anyone has. I recently performed a couple of high paying shops and I know that they take 2 months to pay so I am leery about accepting any other shops before I know that this is a legitimate company and it is worth my time and effort. The shops I completed paid $33 for very little effort in my opinion ($23 for the shop and $10 reimbursement even though I returned the item so I didn't really come out of pocket at all). I'm not complaining about the high shopper fee but it is way higher than other companies for way less effort. I have read in other threads that they are very picky about their reports but I haven't had either one rejected yet *knock on wood* but that may be because I have been mystery shopping for years now and I have learned to fill out the reports EXACTLY as they ask you to so that it isn't returned. Any feedback/advice on Service Check is greatly appreciated smiling smiley

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They are very nice people and legitimate. The pay schedules for various MSC's are posted here, too. Yes, that is their pay schedule, but I notice every once in a while I get mine the following month after the shop.
I love Service Check. My scheduler was super nice and would work with me if I had a problem. Unfortunately they lost the client that I loved to shop so I haven't done any work for them lately. You don't need to worry about the money, they pay when they say they will.
be careful about returning items...often it is forbidden....if you were not allowed to return the item...they could not pay you the reimbursement or even terminate you and not pay you at all.
For this particular shop, you have to do a return =) I do these frequently and in my area they sometimes go up to $40 plus reimbursement =)
@Shoptilyoudrop wrote:

For this particular shop, you have to do a return =) I do these frequently and in my area they sometimes go up to $40 plus reimbursement =)

are you sure you are talking about the same shop? in my experience if it is required that you return the item, you do not get reimbursed for it.
I know the shop you referenced and I do it fairly often. It is the only shop I do that allows you to keep the reimbursement even if the item is returned. The scheduler confirmed this. If you get the shop accepted without providing additional detail you are doing well. They want every question addressed in the narrative. Once you understand what is required they are not too bad and there seems to be no rotation. I've returned so many items that I'm waiting to be challenged but so far have never had a problem.
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