HELP NEEDED TONIGHT (04/11/2015) for pizza report

REPORT QUESTION - "Did the customer service representative offer you any type of promotional special at the beginning of the call? (for example a large 1-topping pizza for $9.99, Family Special for $19.99 or any other offer given to you at the beginning of the call...NOT at the end)?"

WHAT ACTUALLY HAPPENED - the phone rang twice and then automated recording played offering the current pizza special - $22.00 for two large pizzas with two toppings and a 2-liter drink.

MY QUESTION - do i answer the report question as YES or NO? i have no idea if the recording counts or not for this report. i have to have the report done tonight.

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I agree the answer is no.

If I remember correctly, there should be a place to describe the automated offer. If not, I would simply answer no and be done with it.

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I also agree, recording are not a human being. I would mentioned it in the comment box.

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The company I do pizza shops for considers the recording to be an offer. Double check your instruction sheet as they may mention this.
The outgoing message is not a Customer Service Representative, so the answer would be: "NO". (Based on what you wrote as the question). In the past when that shop was with another MSC, I remember it had to be a person actually speaking to me, making the offer. Check if the current guidelines state exceptions, as sandyf has had to consider the recording.
I'm with sandyf. According to the instructions, the recording counts as a promo offer. Also, you don't need to specify what the specific offer was.
With every shop I can think of, that I have done, the auto-greeter counts. Instructions hopefully state that.
If this is for the "botox" pizza, I believe the pre-recorded upsell, counts as an upsell. To be sure, contact your scheduler. Also at the bottom, there is a space for scheduler notes. I would note this here. I would answer "yes" and explain at the bottom. The editor review your answer and correct, depending on the guidelines. smiling smiley
What the hell is a botox pizza?

The guidelines are sparse. the only reference to phone call says - Place your order over the PHONE for Carryout only. there is no mention of a recording or no recording.

I already submitted the report. sent email to scheduling team but no one is there until Monsay but i'll be at work by then.
The "Botox Pizza" is Papa John's.

I believe the automated recording would count as an upsell, however you should check with your scheduler. A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, I delivered pizzas. Whether the recording was played or not was a function controlled by the individual location. If we were busy, you heard the recording before a person answered; if it was slow, you got a real person on the first or second ring. On that basis, I would consider the recording to be an upsell offer.

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I have no idea about botox and i don't eat this type of pizza. i just wanted the bonus money. I submitted report last night. i printed out the conformation number. just picked it up from the printer and the top of it says,

- Your elapsed time between order and delivery is outside of the normal 15-55 minutes. Please make sure this is accurate.
- You indicated that the time for delivery was outside the expected range (15-55 mins). This will not stop your report from being submitted, but please be sure to include commentary in the delivery section with the exact time in minutes it took for the delivery and any reason(s) for the delay.

This was a carryout shop not delivery. They do not deliver to my area and guidelines say PHONE CARRYOUT on them. the order was placed at 8:17pm. order picked up at 8:29pm. the correct times including pm are correct in the report. so what the hell are they talking about? the guidelines say to show up early from the quoted time. i was quoted 15-20 mins i arrived at 12 mins. the pizza was ready. no help from scheduler or team members unti;l Monday. These shops are not worth the bonus money at this point.l
You should be fine, as long as your times are accurate. It sounds like you did exactly as ordered. I had one of these for delivery, it never showed up as being payable. There was a problem, I did not check the pizza, before the driver left. Pizza was wrong, but I still got a check two months later. Hope it works out for you.
Botox pizza, otherwise known as Papa John's (his face looks like it had botox) the pizza place you ordered, I am very familiar with. I have never had a recorded greeting, so that is why I suggested you call your scheduler and ask if a pre-recorded greeting, with an upsell in it, constitutes a upsell, prior to your placing your order.

I have also not done a carryout in a few years, only delivery. ...

Are you sure you weren't supposed to do a delivery, given the questions you have on your report? Did you have more than one shop, one being delivery and one being carryout?

If it was carryout, as I recall, you had to arrive within so many minutes of the placed call. That is why I always called on my cell phone, from a block away and I think I had to get there in 10 minutes, because you have to do observations, like cleanliness and such...(not sure if things have changed)..
Just in case some of you never read the endless threads about pizza shops,there are quite a few different msc doing pizza shops on several different pizza restaurants so it is difficult to answer any of these questions without us knowing either which msc you shopped for or which pizza place you shopped. Too bad you cannot tell us both (illegal to do so) as then you would get a more accurate answer. I believe, from what I have read, there are at least 4 different msc doing Papa Johns alone. So the instructions might very well be different for each msc for the same pizza place.
I would answer, No, an actual CSR did not offer . . . but an automated recording offered . . .

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I always answer that question with a Yes whenever I get the pre-recorded offer as I was offered a special. BUT, check your guidelines/ask the scheduler to be sure. I never had a problem.
The guidelines in the mutilated pizza state that the recording is an offer. Also, if you were told 15-22 minutes, you are supposed to arrive between 15-22, not 12.

@ The guideines for the mutilated pizza are the same for all the MSCs that do them. When it changes for one, it changes for all. I had never seen them different between the MSCs for the same shopping period-I must have done 1000+ (It does not mean I ate them as well.)

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I dont know what the mutilated pizza is but im guessing it is different than botox pizza. my pizza did not have botox and it was not mutilated.

my guidelines said to arrive early or at the quoted time. either way my pizza was already out of the oven, boxed up and ready for pickup. again there is nothing that can be resolved until they open on Monday morning. i can't name the co but they are in CA.
@MSNinja wrote:

I dont know what the mutilated pizza is but im guessing it is different than botox pizza. my pizza did not have botox and it was not mutilated.

my guidelines said to arrive early or at the quoted time. either way my pizza was already out of the oven, boxed up and ready for pickup. again there is nothing that can be resolved until they open on Monday morning. i can't name the co but they are in CA.

Actually, it is one in the same....

They used to have you flip over two pieces upside down, take a photo. Then flip them back over and take a photo. Then do side shots, just the crust edge visible. Then, pictures of the box receipt. By the time you got done handling the pizza for all the pictures, (and you needed multiple shots as they were very adament about the right lighting, angle, non-blur, 90 degree angle shopts that when you got done with all was a cold and unappetizing pizza) and reports were rejected if you did not take the right shots perfectly and they also eliminated taking shots outdoors.....

I think the client decided that the shoppers were not willing or happy to inialate their pizzas and not be able to eat them after a photo frenzy! tongue sticking out smiley
I have done lots of these PJ shops. If the time quoted was 15-20 minutes, I pick it up within the 5 minute time frame.----not earlier nor later. I counted the automated recording as an up-sell and made a notation.
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