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I took a guest to a restaurant with me for a shop tonight. . The manager came over asked us how it was and my guest only ate half the steak so manager asked if there was something wrong and he told him it was wayyyyy over cooked and way chewy. He ordered medium rare. When i got the check the server explained the manager took half of the steak cost off. Will this affect me getting paid?

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Check the guidelines. if you're not allowed to mention any problems with the food to the manager then you might not get paid. If it says to address concerns to the manager, then you will likely get paid. If there's no indication, then you will likely get paid.

I've seen all three scenarios. It's not common to have guidelines that say NOT to mention problems with the food to the manager. Most reports want to see how the manager interaction goes.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
Theres nothing stated... so hopefully all goes well with payment...
i would contact your scheduler asap in writing. every co & every client is different. you might be banned from shopping that location or client becaude you are memorable. ive had desserts comped as a bday celebration so it wasnt on bill at all & it was a requirement of shop. i sent email to scheduler right when i got home but still submitted report on time. my report was accepted.
I've done dining shops where one of the questions simply asked if anything was comped. I never took it to mean "and if anything was, you're toast."

Time to build a bigger bridge.
So I emailed the scheduler tonight like people recommended and received an email return within an hour!! Scheduler said everything would be fine smiling smiley phewwwww!!
Sometimes it depends on the Guidelines, but most of the unexpected usually go through if explained to the scheduler when you make the report. Or otherwise, it just goes through. I remember my companion complaining to the server why the lettuce on his Caesar's salad was not Romaine, and it was immediately replaced, without any problem. In some restaurant shops, the Guidelines specifically say not to complain unless it is hazardous to your health. Just mention it in the report.

I had an upscale airport restaurant shop and the server asked why I hardly ate my salad. My companion said because it was not the salad I specifically ordered. The server took a look at his notes, did not apologize but when I asked a take out on the leftover entree, he added a container of the salad I ordered. I wrote it down on my report and I was fully paid.
On the one hand, what would a normal customer do if their steak was bad and the manager offered some restitution, such as "comping" it? It would seem strange if the customer said, "Oh, the steak was horrible but please, let me decline your offer and pay fully for it!" tongue sticking out smiley

On the other hand, when I had a friend accompany me to a shop dinner, "The breast bar" I told him not to complain incase we were not allowed to complain to management about our food. In your case, it worked out well, because you were allowed to complain and take compensation smiling smiley
I'm usually most happy when I don't have a management interaction.

I have had things go terribly wrong and had the manager deliver the second plate of food and got the deserts comped. It added an hour to the report. You bet we ordered the most expensive deserts and ordered a second alcoholic beverage round to get to the max reimbursement knowing the manager was comping the deserts.

I was not going to leave any reimbursement behind. tongue sticking out smiley
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