Schedulers Submitting Your Reports

I recently had a scheduler submit a report that wasn't finished.

Does the scheduler still get paid for that submission even if the report isn't useable?

Does this happen very often?

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What platform was this under?

Unless you submit it, they should not close the report. I have had an editor see that I saved a report to finish later when I was 90% done and called me as they were waiting on it and it was one of the last reports to close out for the monthly report for that company. I was just taking a restroom break and got it done in another 10 minutes.
Platform was Shopmetrics. I had a question and was waiting for an answer before I finished it. I'm sure I looked like an absolute idiot to the editor. You can't go past one of the boxes without putting in some text and I put some sort of nonsense in it. I won't be doing that anymore, lol
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