A good reason not to cancel after reading instructions

I accepted a gift card shop at a retail location. After reading the 7 pages of instructions I thought about cancelling. There were so many points to remember and even a cheat sheet with all the many questions in sections to print out. They said to bring 2 pencils and make sure no one saw me filling out the sheet. I was so worried that someone would see me with the sheet and/or counting the numbers of gift card displays, store cards, non store cards, pegs, designs etc. They even explained what to do if I was asked to leave the store.
Then I got to the store after worrying for days about this assignment. Online I discovered the least $ amt gift card they sold was $5 above the max reimbursement on a no fee job. There were absolutely no gift card displays, no signs about them, not a peep from an employee. At that point I thought all I would get was $3 reimbursement for driving 11 miles round trip and reading and re reading all those instructions. But by magic when I asked if they had gift cards at the register, voila they had them under the counter so I bought one and saved the day and the job. All I did to fill out the pages was type 0,0,0 into every little box!

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I did a gift card shop a few years ago where I had to take photos of the displays. These days, everyone has their cell phone out, so I just wandered around with my cell phone. And then used the pictures to answer all of the questions. I did a few, but I haven't seen that type show up again.

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