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Did anyone else get the following email from Market Force today? I got it for 2 of the Fast Food Shops I have scheduled with them in the next few days. I have always completed my shops as Scheduled and have never been the type to reschedule shops, so I was wondering if they were sending these out to everyone. Or if I am being singled out for some reason?


Dear Shopper:

Thank you for accepting the shop listed above! Market Force and (Fast Food Client) greatly appreciate your help!

Please make sure you can absolutely complete and report this shop as scheduled.

If you cannot complete this shop as scheduled, please cancel immediately so that we may assign it to another Shopper who will be able to complete.

It is very important that all shops are reported as soon as possible. We really appreciate it when shoppers are able to enter their data within 1-2 hours after the shop is complete whenever possible, allowing us to get each report to the client even sooner.

If you are experiencing any reporting delays or technical problems please email us at

We are counting on you to help us meet our client’s expectations. Thank you for shopping with Market Force and for your help with completing this shop!


Market Force Help Desk


Thanks in advance for everyone's response. I am just wondering if I have done something wrong? I know that people get deactivated with this company. And I just want to make sure I haven't gotten black balled somehow by this company?

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper

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No, don't sweat it. I get these randomly, though I've never figured out why. I'll receive one about every 2-3 months...
I've gotten them in the past....i think it might be if they are very near the deadline
These are deadline shops. They are just making absolutely sure you can complete them and submit the report as soon as possible. You didn't do anything wrong. smiling smiley
Thanks. Those comments put me at ease.

They are both bonused shops --- so I am really motivated to complete them as Scheduled --- so I was really shocked to get these emails. It also makes sense that they are near deadline, since they are bonused.

I was nervous, because I have only just began to get the "bonus" phone calls. And am not ready to loss Market Force as a source of Income yet. I need to get established with other companies first!

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper
No, I've never gotten one of those emails. I don't do very much fast food, though.

"The future ain't what it used to be." --Yogi Berra
I get those when the shops are near the deadline. I got two this morning actually and not for FF either.

Don't worry. Be happy.
I just got one and had been thinking about posting here. I too don't reschedule and such. I did find the fact they'd appreciate the result in an hour or two super special though..
I was called just a few hours ago to do a peanut oil based fast casual dinner shop today. They assigned it to me and I got this automated email five minutes after the shop confirmation email.

I always report MF shops as soon as I get home, as those greasy meals put me in a coma and I tend to just fall asleep.

Don't take it personally.

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They have been calling me from India to schedule more shops and I always accept the most I can as I figure they are at their deadline. I have been able to increase the reimbursement amount.
I don't really like the calls from India you ask for a little more and they say sorry can only give you 14, not 16. Then I get a call from Georgia and they offer the same shop for 20.
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