Gas Shops - Now with Audit

I was enjoying doing mystery gas shops; but the company has now made them a 'mystery shop followed by a revealed audit.' I feel if I sign up for one of them; it will blow the possibility of ever doing a mystery shop at the store again. Plus, the pay seems low for what they now expect to be done.
Has anyone done these new type shops yet?

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I did 7 of them recently. I know what you mean. I don't like that MF has done this. sad smiley I only do them when they call me with more money to offer, since it's more work now.

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They have called me several times in the past to do shops -- but have not called recently. Do they do that sometimes -- or did I do something wrong?
In my market, they offered a mix of the classic mystery shop and the new revealed audits. I did one one of the revealed audits, and it took me more than double time to complete and report than the classic mystery shops. I will only do one in the future if it is highly bonused.
This month I did a mystery shop and a double mystery/reveal. The latter wasn't at all worth the money. The questionnaire is very long. I will not be doing that kind again. I, too, got fewer assignments this month but I attribute that to Memorial Day. I think they took a breather. Usually, they are begging me to go to areas where they don't have nearby shoppers. I could only take so many and do my other work.
I also have noticed a perceptible drop off in the number of shops on my board. I'm wondering now if this MSC is trying to throttle the number of shops a shopper can do, and also if, by making the reports take longer to complete, they are also trying to restrain the number of shops that someone can complete in a day.
These are similar to the audits they had been doing last year, only with a bigger reimbursement. They do take longer than the mystery shops and pay should be higher. When they came on the boards here, I waited until the bonus increased. I know that they seem like they will take a long time, but once you get used to them, they will probably take 20-30 minutes in store.
So will they bring back a mystery shop to the same store and if so ... how can you do it? Most of the gas shops I've do e only 1 or 2 people are working.
In the Las Vegas area, I do a few gas shops for Maritz. Maybe they have them in your area as well?
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