New round of gas stations posted.

The new round of gas stations has been posted and they are ALL mystery shops with audits with no pay increase. I loved doing them before because I could do 4 in the same area and do ok. Now??? Don't think I will be signing up for them anymore. Bummer.

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He is prolly referring to Stericycle. They suck and I will not do gas station shops for them anymore.
Probably the MF red/orange stations. Those shops used to all be audits, as far as I know, and then they tried out the simpler mystery shop format. I agree the audits are waaay more complicated, especially at first. Think 40 pages of guidelines. These shops will go up to $35 on the board if no one takes them, so the fee does get reasonable. But as long as someone is willing to them for $7 and gas, it makes sense from MF's point of view to start them out low.
They tried a few on the board earlier this month and nobody took them. I think with the bonus it got up to $20 but still took a while for somebody to take them.
Another company I shop for just released some for the seashore people and for some who have the option to do them at night.

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I know for a fact that they will give you $70 for a shop. It makes me wonder what the client is paying them.
There are over 250 of these shops on the board here. I will have to wait for bonuses before I take any. I cannot wait to see how many are still on the board when the fee is raised.
I used to do routes of them for the red/white and 40 pager instructions. I got paid well then, mostly 2007-1 timeframe and got my own system down The pay now, same as then for start. I took one to see how is, may not be worth too many now. No hurry for me.
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