What is up with this associates in gas shops

Kudos to you who do gas shops regularly I usually pick this up as a last resort to make up for lower paying shops.Today the attendant told me I could not pump my own gas.When I told him I just wanted 2 dollars he sneered at me since I was not even paying in cash.He ignored my request for a receipt and I had to follow him inside the store to get it.I bought a snack worth 59 cents and when I asked for a receipt his jaw almost hit the floor.He said he was not giving me a receipt I asked why and he said the register only produces rec eipts for gas purchases mind you I could see the register working am not sure why the receipt did not print out.It is always the minorities who give me attitude .I was once chased from a gas station even after presenting the Loa.Iunderstand you are suppose to be professional at all times but some of this gas stations are just not worth it.
I am not picking on minorities since I am one myself however I just cannot understand their behavior.I have done mystery shops for almost 10 years however considering how often gas stations are shopped why has there not been a change in their behavior.Most of them are pretty defensive and that is why when I do this shops I am on high alert always being prepared to take @#$%& considering I have to also check on their bathrooms which are shitty sometimes, no pun intended.I take it from both ends only when the shop is paying above 15.00
PS:This is a rant I am venting against uncouth behavior and what I have to deal with as a shopper it is not directed towards any group I also am not a new shopper so please no advice opinions maybe I am not new to the forum .

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I totally understand encountering people with crappy attitudes and who don't want to do their work the way they ought to. I would report everything that real winner said and did and be totally objective in laying him out. The client would want to know this crapola. There seems to be an over-abundance of jackasses out there no matter what ethnic group we're talking about.

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Years ago, I was asked to leave a gas station as soon as the manager saw my clipboard. He told me in front of several customers. I called the police but they said he had a right to do that. I went to the gas station across the street, with him staring at me through the window with a mean look on his face. He never knew I called the police. I wonder if he thought I was a different person who had been there before and maybe given a bad report. I told the attendant in the new gas station what happened. He said it was probably because they were afraid I would find evidence of drug use because that station has drug deals. Today, I was signing in for a merchandising job at a truck stop when I overheard part of the conversation between the clerk and a trucker. He told her a price and she pulled out the receipt, balled it up, said, "You don't need this!" and threw it away. I did not hear enough to be sure of what I thought I saw and heard. It seemed that she was not giving him a receipt even though he told her how much gas he would pump. Odd.
When the old company had the Pegasus gasoline stations, there numerous instances when the attendant would refuse to sign the LOA and allow me to take photos. They were quite adamant about it, demanding some form of identification other than the LOA. Of course, I did not have anything that could identify me as someone who was performing the shop for the company.
Nevertheless, it did not matter to me, other than being humiliated or embarrassed in front of other customers. But, they did not know me, so those feelings were shortlived. Besides, I was still reimbursed and paid and the report was shorter as was the photo-taking at the particular station.
Now, with the new company, I've not had a single incident. I wonder if it is because the monthly shops are performed by the same shoppers on a regular basis (as you are aware the MSC asks if you wish to perform the shop again in accordance with the time specifications).
Even the quarterly shops have become more accepting as these are often owned by an independents who can be notorious for their negligience and demeanour.
Or, is it more that the new company and their client are more communicative with their stations?

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If you happen to be in Oregon or NJ, you indeed are not allowed to pump your own gas. Some stations in other states also provide only full service, although not required by law. I have been in a few stations where the "convenience store" consists of a single cold beverage cooler and it seems to be a side business and they will not give me anything other than a hand-writen receipt or take anything but cash for the soda or water (one clue that it is a side business in one case is that some of the stock is supermarket-brand soda and water).

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I have made my own ID and don't use the one sent by the MSC. It has my picture, the name of the MSC (their logo), the name of the client (their logo) and my certificates are mentioned. It is the size of a business card. On the lower half of the case is a copy of my drivers liscense with some key info blacked out. If I am doing a new station I show the ID along with the LOA, which I print in color. When I show it I flip it open like a cop might show his badge, not that I have ever been mistaken for a cop.

It is fairly simple to make, using a business card ap and cutting and pasting. I have never had a problem nor asked for additional ID. If I need a business card this is the process I have been using.
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