note to self: check for street fairs before scheduling

trying to get to a location in an unfamiliar area...and run into a street fair...doesn't help calling to see if they are open.....sure they are open....but they don't say you have to park a half mile away and walk in...with a thunderstorm rolling into the area!

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You also need to watch out for parades. They are not always on holidays, sometimes on annivarsaries of communities. I just wish I knew how to really keep track of parades and street fairs.

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there is a website in my area that lists many..i have to look into it...i know my friend uses it a lot to find fairs to go doesn't list all...but some is better than none....and you can also check individual town websites..they might have a calendar of events..but my town has repeatedly blocked access to my house without warning when there was a planned event at the park at the end of the block....they know they plan to close the street down..even though the event is in the park itself....and don't bother telling the residents! I now know not to go out on those days..or plan to be out until its over...once there was just a cardboard sign on the fence announcing the event...if I hadn't seen that..i would have been stuck.

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I use this to see what's going on:


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Note to self:smiling smiley Get a list of football games (80,000 in attendance) in the area, BEFORE you accept a shop in that town...
I had 2 shops in that area....1 was blocked by the fair. (which I didn't know until I got to the area)...i went to the other 1st...and there was an accident on the highway i got stuck in....then it took extra time to get to the 2nd with all thr traffic routed off the main street and down side streets that barely had enough room for 2 cars to pass with all the cars parked....add the walk in...I made it to the location with just 5 minutes to spare before i would be outside the time frame to start!

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I did an overnight hotel shop and it turns out one of the teams of the final four college basketball team was staying there for the game that night. I walked in to register at this fancy high-end hotel and there was a marching band and cheerleaders in the lobby forming a line and the players were walking through it to the bus. It was so crazy it was funny. The report must have been very entertaining for the editor to read. The cherry on the sundae was when over half the team decided to come back to the hotel after the game at 10PM and CHECK BACK IN for another night. They had sent most of the staff home and only had one bellhop/room service person to handle it all. When I called for my "problem resolution" issue, the employee told me the whole story. I just wondered why the hotel allowed a shop to be assigned for that night. It was an extreme and unusual situation on that evening.
The shop was probably assigned by corporate and they likely did not know the basketball team would be there.

I never take shops in Charleston, SC between mid-May and mid-June because of the Spoleto USA festival. Even though most events are downtown, the increased traffic doesn't make things worthwhile.

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