Is my report on hold or not?

I performed a luxury retail shop about two weeks ago. Last night (Sunday night), I get an email from someone in editing saying that one of my reports has been placed on hold due to conflicting answers. I happened to be online at the exact time that the email came in so I immediately replied asking what the issues were. (I thought it was strange that she would not just put her questions in the email.) There was a 24-hour deadline to respond and/or resolve the issue.

No response last night. No response this morning. No response this afternoon. I called the MSC and I am told that this person is unavailable. I explain about the 24-hour deadline and they tell me to send another email. Just as I hit the send button, I get a response from the editor saying that they have no issues or questions with my report. I log on to the website and the hold has been removed.

Then the wheels in my head start turning. Yesterday was the cutoff point to get paid. Today is a new month. Now this report has not made the cutoff to be paid in the next cycle. Things that make you say hmmm.

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It sounds like the place you shopped might have contested or disagreed with something in the report? So they put it on hold until they could investigate?
Now that they have released the hold, are you sure that means you will be paid? (never did any assignments for this company, so I don't know hold-and-pay-policies.) You feel it will be paid on next pay cycle? smiling smiley
Why wouldn't I be paid? I did nothing wrong. The report was put on a random hold and when I questioned it, all of a sudden, there are no clarifications needed and the hold was removed.
That is strange. I did a luxary shop too and had my report sent back, but they gave me the numbers to the questions that needed more elaboration.
I had one where I had to resubmit the report almost a week later. I had performed the shop on the 30th, but I still got paid on the same cycle.
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