Market Force Shopper Files a Complaint with BBB and its Resolution

The report below found at the website of the Better Business Bureau concerns a shopper's dispute with Market Force. The client referred to is the one that requires you to wait in your car for a check-back from the carhop. I think Market Force handled this situation very well, and I am glad that the shopper also came to feel the same way as I do. The report also proves that this client/manager does check the video. The takeaway: Market Force is an honorable company.

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I fulfilled my shop and now am not getting paid because the company is not paying market force.
My shopper information is:
Assignment ID: XXXXXXXX on 3/4/2015.
A button was broken at the location and apparently the restaurant was in disbelief in this even happening. Therefore I was repeatedly emailed for weeks about the shop when I have other jobs as well. Once paperwork is submitted and receipt as proof of all of this and I turned in everything this is a valid shop. If I am not home and rarely have access to my computer than am being told I am not going to be payed or refunded due to the location is not paying them this is not my problem. I pulled money out of my pocket and did the shop to bring in a few extra dollars a month. So far the company is looking out to just be a scam. I just want my reimbursement for the food since they are unwilling to pay for the shop.

Desired Settlement
I want a full refund that is stated on the receipt I submitted. Just because the company did not like the survey and disagreed with. Broken machine they should not u pay their clients. They need to pay what was initially promised.


Business Response
Ms. ****** completed a ***** assignment at **** **** ******** ********** Phoenix, AZ on March 4, 2015. Based on the Quality Control Department's review of this assignment it was originally approved for payment on March 5th. On March 7th an inquiry was submitted from the ***** Restaurant Manager and upon further research, we determined that the shopper submitted contradictory information that was not caught during the initial review of her report. The Shopper was identified by the video cameras on site and the restaurant confirmed via their review of the tape that the shopper did not stay long enough for an appropriate check-back, which is part of the process that is required during this assignment. So, it appears that Ms. ****** did not complete the assignment according to the guidelines, but our Quality Control Department should have caught the discrepancy and reached out for additional clarification. We believe that the fair resolution on this is to pay Ms. ****** for this assignment. Her assignment record has already been corrected to reflect that we will be paying her on her next check for this assignment. Since we were not originally contacted by Ms. ******, we would like to let her know that one of our Shopper Advocates at our Shopper Resources Help Desk (******** is available to her as a resource for resolution of any concerns or disputes that she may have in the future.

Consumer Response
(The consumer indicated he/she ACCEPTED the response from the business.)
I did contact the company in regards to this, therefore their statement of me not contacting them is not accurate. As well I did stay at the restaurant long enough to review my food and bathrooms as policy. That is also inaccurate. I have followed all my guidelines. But thank their efforts in resolving the situation.


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When filing a BBB complaint you should take the same care to use proper spelling and grammar that you do on an actual report as you are identifying yourself and filling out out a formal report. Marketforce has good reason to terminate that shopper.

Shopper did not complete the shop correctly.
Shopper might not have contact MF appropriately to try to resolve the issue.
Shopper shows poor spelling and grammar.
A shop is NOT valid just because you submitted the report and receipt.
Complaining that MF repeatedly emailed you and you weren't available is not a valid excuse. When you take a shop you agree to be available to address issues.

If I remember correctly, MF routinely settles BBB complaints in the shopper's favor even when the shopper was clearly wrong, but often terminates the shopper. (One company does this--I THINK it is MF).

It sounds like the shopper may have reported the correct times she was there which was not long enough, but MF did not notice and took responsibility for that.
Jilummer, thank you for posting this information about the case filed against Market Force with the BBB. Once more, we see they are a straight up company.

Mary Davis Nowell. Based close to Fort Worth. Shopping Interstate 20 east and west, Interstate 35 north and south.
I don't deal with MF but good for them in settling this in such a professional manner. I think it is beyond comprehension that a shopper would go to the BBB for what - a $15 shop. Particularly when it appears that she may not have followed the guidlines.
Do you think the shopper is a forum member? We do have members who live in Phoenix, AZ.
Phoenix is a fairly large city so I would think we do have forum members there. If she is a member I would welcome her side of the story.
I would terminate her solely based on the spelling and grammar and lack of clarity of her report. I hope she only works for narrative-light companies.
Market Force sent out shopper surveys of satisfaction today asking about shopper pay, reimbursement, clarity of instructions, helpfulness of "The Help Desk", etc.
I'm in Phoenix. It's not me! Lol. I may talk like a hillbilly but I can write using good grammar and punctuation. Sometimes the auto-correct says something I did not Nintendo. winking smiley

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