Facepalm Moment of the Day

Yesterday, I received an email from a MSC that I work with regularly that told me they had some phone/internet shops that had to get filled in the next two weeks. They asked if I would be open to them assigning them to me during this limited time.

My response... "Sure. I have open availability Monday-Friday for the next two weeks."

Today, I receive an email at 6:30PM. I've been assigned a shop. It must be completed today by 4PM.


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This one ended up in Spam -- maybe spam filters aren't all bad...

Hello, (name removed)!

I'm in need of some great shoppers to help me with some XX shops across the country. The location nearest you is: (street address removed). Grand Forks, ND 58201

That's only 567 miles EACH WAY...
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