Ever wish you could write MORE narrative??

Everybody is so damn rude today on my gas route!! I wish this MSC left room for narrative so I can describe in great detail just how awful these people are. Answering "no" to "were you greeted in a friendly manner" doesn't cut it today where my answer should be "well, I asked for $3 in gas on my credit card and was rudely met with 'Do you have any idea how much the fees are?? Do you want me to just throw the $3 in the trash?' So if you consider that friendly, then sure. He was friendly.

The location before that one? Oh, ya. That was nice too. I waited 4 minutes until the attendant came over to me to tell me the pumps are all one-way and that I'd have to turn my car around or he's not pumping my gas. There was no signage anywhere indicating one-way traffic flow.

I better be careful what I wish for but a simple "add additional comments about your visit here ( optional)" would have made me feel a lot better today.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.

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Now that I've gotten that out of my system, I agree with Griff. I'm fine with none.

Seriously, nobody cares that you're offended.
I almost always have to revise my narratives for one MSC because their forms require very limited character counts. It's definitely helped me write more succinct reports, but sometimes I do wish they offered more room so I could elaborate on specific points.
No way. I remember the one attendant that had a fit because "we" kept come over every month because their paint job still had the old corporate them look to it. I think there was just enough space to comment on that, but beyond that, I'm there to get paid.
Off topic but I scared someone totally when I did the gas station. First shop, then do survey, photos, etc. He kept stammering "I am only here two weeks, I am only here two weeks, boss man is on vacation!!!" He signed the survey form though, I had to keep telling him he is doing a fine job I am just here to look at the gas pumps and canopy lol.
Yes. I just did my first fine dining shop for a company with character limits on every narrative. I am a verry succinct writer, and I just couldn't tell them what actually happened. The limits might be okay if everything goes well, but forget it if you have to report a problem. I spent more time editing my answers down than I did on the report. They want you to talk about quality, taste, temperature and presentation on every single thing you ordered but don't give you enough letters to do it. It was very frustrating.

Usually I am so done with writing after finishing a narrative heavy report that I probably wouldn't add anything anyway, but I do wish every report had a simple box at the end for anything you would like to let them know. Sometimes something infuriating happens and there is just nowhere to report it.
Once I actually wished I had a narrative box for a bathroom I visited. The questions the form asked didn't hit on the graffiti over the urinal and there was no narrative box to comment on it.

Normally, there's no way I would want to see more narratives on a report, but I like to do a good job on each report and would have liked it in this one case.

I still can't believe I'm saying this though...lol!

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Yes. I had a bank shop last week which requested that I write a detailed report, and paint a picture of the entire visit. Then I ran into the character limit and had to severely edit. Then the editor questioned me, and I ended up explaining via the full version. There have been others as well.

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yes, and, I do.

write it all up in WORD, save it, then copy it all into a private email to the scheduler.
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