Blue Gas Stations

In my area there is a certain MSC who has tons and tons of the blue gas stations. They start them out at $7.50. I never take them because I could spend that time doing shops worth $12-15 at a minimum. When the end of the quarter approaches they start bonusing them from $20 upwards. There are not enough people doing them here apparently, because the price goes up and up and I see them still sitting there. I'm not taking them because I already have all the work I can possibly get done since the routes came out. If they would have put the base price at at least $12 I would have been doing them all along, fitting them in everywhere. And I really get around.

I think their strategy may work in some areas, but it doesn't seem to be working in mine.

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Myself, I'd rather get the bonuses.

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Lady, We can't tell you who shops the blue gas stations (as that would be telling you the brand). However, if you are looking for shops of the gas station type, check Maritz, Market Force, Ritter, InTouch and there are a few remaining on Stericycle and Intellishop.

Shopping across Indiana but mostly around Indianapolis.

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