Beware of sceduler with Mystery Shoppers Inc.

I recently did a Cable shop in Indio,Ca. The guidelines provided three scenarios. Number #1 is if you have one sevice, you should ask about the other two. Number #2 is if you have two of their services, you should ask about the other one. Number #3 is if you have all thee of their services, you should ask about their advantages over a competitor. In that I have all three, I followed Scenario #3.

Soon after submitting my report, I received an email from Jennifer Ilagan, telling me that she has declined my shop because I did not follow an approved scenario, claiming that option #3 is for a customer that has NO services.

I sent her a reply, reminding her that the guidelines stated that if I have all three services that I should use Scenario #3. NO RESPONSE. I then sent her another reply, quoting the directive. "if you have their service and currently have all three of their services, the only option you can select is Scenario #3." NO RESPONSE. I then sent her one last email with an attachment of the page from her own assignment email where this was clearly stated. NO RESPONSE!

I feel that I received an unfair decision based on her own incorrect interpretation, as well as her failure to communicate to resolve the issue.

Soooo, BEWARE!

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I would continue to follow through with your response. Call her or her superiors, contact scheduler. Scenario #3 is what it is. Her reply does not make any since to me. Keep all emails and send them to the correct person. The Scenario was clearly stated.
OP, you need to chill a bit. It is the weekend so who knows if this scheduler is an actual employee with a weekday schedule or she has a family and spends time with them on weekends instead of sitting in front of a computer at all times or maybe she is on vacation or away for the weekend.
If it were me, I'd call the company and first try to talk to her directly and second, go for someone else. When I had a bit of an issue with one scheduler, I ended up contacting another scheduler who was sending out similar assignments. She got back to me right away and she handled it and got it resolved. Whether she actually was able to make the correction herself or she contacted 'the boss', I don't know, but it was handled. It's worth a shot!
How long has it been since you sent the 1st reply....I would not assume the worst until it has been 2 business days. Ideally if the person was out sick or on vacation they would have an auto reply stating that....but they don't always
@Donald Belcher wrote:

I started to email her about this 10 days ago.

Bummer. If you aren't able to speak to a live person over the phone, look for another email contact to forward the message, then CC the original scheduler that hasn't been responding to you.

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Well forget her.
If you live in Indio, you can do the shops bonused all day long. It's hard to find somebody out there. Lucky you.
i would NOT just did the work, she's ignorant to not reply...she had the time to decline your shop she has the time to rectify it!
I agree with finding a phone number or another email address and taking this up with someone else. I would not let this go. I'd move it right to the top of my "today" list and I'd continue making contact until I got an answer.

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@nanabelle wrote:

i would NOT just did the work, she's ignorant to not reply...she had the time to decline your shop she has the time to rectify it!

I am assuming you are referring to my post. I responded before the OP added that the original email communication was 10 days prior. He should have been more clear in his OP. The way it was first posted gave the impression that all of this had just gone down that day and it was on a weekend.

If you are going to rant and call out a scheduler by her name and the MSC she works for, you should state all the facts from the beginning. Some forum members make it a habit to "forget" vital info when creating a new post/thread.
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