WHY do recorded phone shops require narratives?

I have done a few phone shops where even though the shop is recorded and uploaded to the form, they ask for a detailed narrative or play by play. I just don't understand why. Anyone have some insight?

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Perhaps so the MSC or client doesn't have to pay for the cost of having the call transcribed?

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Or if they have trouble understanding something on the recording. Or if the recording gets damaged. Or maybe just to help make sure that they are getting a literate shopper. Might also be testing the shopper's honesty when filling out the report. Who knows?
The other thing is that I did a call recently with someone who had a foreign accent. I was able to understand the individual just fine, but less globally aware ears may have had more of a problem. Being no dummy, however, I did not enter that into my report. In some situations like that, though, it might be useful to compare the written narrative to the actual call. Even if it shouldn't, a particularly thick accent (or even a language barrier) might interfere with customer service. Sometimes, the people who answer the phones also have mild speech impediments.
I suspect that the written report is the report. The recording is backup to your report, and can be used by management for training purposes.
There's also the outside chance that somebody might experience technical difficulties of some kind, so it is good to have both an audio recording and a written narrative.
@CaliGirl925 wrote:

Perhaps so the MSC or client doesn't have to pay for the cost of having the call transcribed?

I think CaliGirl has the idea.

The data needs to be reported in a form that allows easy submission, a bottom line score, and way to compare different calls. Sort of like oranges to oranges. When the client see scores for the certain stores are superior or lacking they can reward the better scores or line up additional training for the under performers. It is all about data managment. Let the shopper and/or MSP put it in a form the client can easily work with.

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I've been told that some clients listen to the recording as they read the report. I always think it sounds ridiculous to write out the full summary, but at the same time, one compliments the other. They can hear tone and attitude from the recording that they can't get from the summary.
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