Florida "restaurant" shoppers: "Dirty Dining"

This is not an indictment of all food service facilities in Florida, and indeed it is a good sign that they are catching violations. I am sure that similar stories exist in many other places as well. [www.abcactionnews.com]

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008

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Florida certainly doesn't have a lock on that market! But we do have larger roaches than many parts of the country, so they are certainly easier to see. Plus the food inspectors down here are pretty unforgiving because tourism is a big part of the Florida economy.

A month or so ago we joined friends in a nearby city for a pleasant lunch. The place looked clean, the food was fresh and nicely prepared. I was in 'shopper mode' even though this was not a shop. The restrooms were impeccable and we had a wonderful lunch together. On a shop they would have gotten excellent marks. As we stepped out the door there was a man with a clipboard and an embroidered county insignia on his sleeve . . . I figured I knew what that was about and so encouraged folks to step aside to chat.

Sure enough, it was a hotel and restaurant inspector who slapped a 'CLOSED' sign on the door that indicated it was 'in the interest of public health and safety'. Such inspections are a matter of public record and you just need to locate the website. June 2014 the place was closed for a dirty can opener. This time it was roach droppings in the walk in cooler. This is why I can absolutely not fathom the grime and slime Robert Irvine of the Food Network finds in his 'Restaurant Impossible' series.
Payola in the form of cash and/or food to health inspectors. I have several friends and family who work in upscale restaurants - some of which are even shopped. Shocking, but too often, commonplace.
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