Received Email from Satisfaction Services


My name is Janelle and received an email from Satisfaction Services Inc, telling me about the company and asking for information as name, address, cell number, and occupation. I thought this as weird, is this something they normally would do? They were saying I would be prepaid $200 and it sounds fishy to me. I need some feedback please! Thanks

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There is a real company named Satisfaction Services, but this is a scam. Legitimate mystery shopping companies do not contact people who have not registered with them on their websites and do not ask you to provide personal information through e-mail. Legitimate mystery shopping assignments don't pay $200. Most pay $5-$20 and they don't pay in advance.
I agree with everything that roflwofl said except for "Legitimate mystery shopping companies do not contact people who have not registered with them on their websites." Once you have become established in this industry and you have proven to be a reliable shopper, other schedulers, editors or MSCs will sometimes refer your name and email address to other schedulers and MSCs. They do not give out your SS# or phone # and they do not ask for any money. If you belong to a trade association, your name might be passed around also.
The name of a real company is being used to scam you.

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OP, you might want to contact SS directly on Monday morning and let them know about this latest scam so they can update their website,

This is directly from the login page for SS...
"Alert: April 18, 2014- Mystery Shopping Jobs Alert

We are Satisfaction Services Inc.® -We do not send out large checks to be cashed. There are disreputable companies scamming shoppers.One of the latest and more serious we've heard about is a company sending out large advance cashiers checks. The shopper is told to send a Money Gram or Western Union to a person keeping part of the check for themselves. However, the check is not legitimate and bounces, leaving the shopper without any money to cover the Money Gram."
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